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  1. Q, Thanks for the link to another build. I have just started reading it, and I'm already learning things (not surprising). Today I had planned to sand the fairing I did yesterday, but it was 40 F this morning, so I'll need to bundle up. So I'm glad I wasn't going to use epoxy early today.
  2. Patchy, Yes, with stitch & glue the panels define the shape. There are some bulkheads to add as part of the middle seat, and the front and rear seat supports will also help with the shape. The DS15, Didi Sport is beautiful, but more work than I wanted to take on. Alan, I have looked at Phil's Foils, but have never seen them offer something for the Argie 15. Probably worth an email to ask. Thanks.
  3. The CNC panels were perfect. Only "adjustment" was at the fitting of the transom, and that was described in the instructions. I can send a newer picture of its current status if you want.
  4. Thank you for resurrecting this thread from a year+ ago. I should have informed the group that I did, finally, make a decision. I am currently building Dudley Dix's Argie 15 from a kit provided by CLC. I just taped the outside seams, and today's project will be fairing and epoxy coating. I was originally hesitant to take on this project because of the need to build the mast, but after I learned that I could use one from a 420, it seemed doable. My biggest worry will be the laminating and shaping of the foils, and I confess that I would probably buy them too if they were available. So, I have
  5. I was figuring on 3-D printing the template, but hesitated to mention that. Thanks, John
  6. I have been convinced that 3-D printing is not the way to go. Thanks to all for your comments. I will get some lumber ripped for laminating and go from there. The plans/drawings show an outline for the foil cross section. Would a solid template be of value?
  7. Thanks for the comments. I like the idea to make a smaller core via printing, then wrap with glass/resin. That sounds doable. I will check with my son-in-law about his capability. Going back to part of my original question, can the information contained in the plans and drawings that came with my kit be sufficient for him to 3-D print these cores? Thanks, John
  8. I am building Dudley Dix’s Argie 15 from a kit. On hold now in my barn during winter in Vermont. I plan to buy a 420 mast and boom, so, the most daunting task will be laminating and then shaping the foils. I was wondering if I am imagining this as being harder than it really is. But I’m also wondering whether they could be 3-D printed from the plan drawings and dimensions. My son-in-law has the ability to 3-D print, but even if it was possible, is there any appropriate material to print with that could take the stress foils are subject to? Thanks, John
  9. I wasn’t scared at the time, but probably should have been. In the late ‘60’s I sailed my Sunfish from Bayville, NY to Grreenwich, CT, and back. I just looked it up, and it’s over 8 miles. Ah youth!
  10. Sorry for the misspelling, should be Lotus Europa’s
  11. I should add to this discussion that after selling the Raider, I have decided to build a 15 1/2 foot dinghy called an Argie 15, designed by Dudley Dix. More sedate, but more stable, so probably more appropriate at age 74. Incidentally, both Dudley and I have Lotus Europe’s.
  12. Yes, mine did flip at a mooring. This was on Lake Champlain, between an island and mainland, not exposed to the broad lake.
  13. Unfortunately, I know that the Raider will not stay upright at a mooring. I’m impressed that you picked that up just from looking.
  14. Just to further muddle the discussion, anyone here have experience with the Ultimate 20?
  15. Post #4 said that the Venture is very slow. I will probably be going single handed most or the time . Any other observations?
  16. The price list from FarEast Canada make it appear that a new 19R would be less expensive than a used Seascape 18, if you could find one. Am I reading things correctly? In addition, I know the Seascape is excellent for single handing, anyone know about the 19R solo? Thanks
  17. Sorry to have left out a very important requirement. Although I want to be able to go out alone, and will probably do that most of the time, I want the option of taking along at least one other. Not sure how important it is to take more than one, but another factor. So indecisive, obviously I do tend to over analyze. The conflicting desires for a boat seem to be: No hiking Fast Dry VS Fun
  18. Xonk1: You are right, I need to list and prioritize my requirements. It’s easier to list than rank them at the moment, so here’s a random list, Like you, no hiking and fairly dry are important, but probable most important is being able to go out and sail solo. Speed (or sensation of speed?) important. Lower on list, but still needed, must not be too uncomfortable. (As opposed to “must be comfortable”) Fun to sail. Not much help, but that’s what I can think of right now. IPLore: Interested in almost all the boats on your list, except the E Scow (no offense to scow sailers). Wonderi
  19. What an amazing coincidence. I picked up my original Europa at the factory when I was stationed in the navy at Rota, Spain. I got out of the service while I was there and traveled 10k miles in Europe, with my tent and sleeping bag, before shipping it home. I put it in storage in 1982 when we moved to Saudi Arabia. I then sold it when we moved from KSA to Vermont with two kids under age two in 1985. I bought a second Europa in 2000, after surviving surgery and radiation for prostate cancer. The new one was only 181 serial numbers from the original. It is currently having the engine rebuilt.
  20. Sorry to have been away from this for so long. Thanks for all the responses, and I will now try to address each on in order. (Proof that procrastination does not really pay off.) European Bloke: Thanks for the “little speed” comment. The Venture looks kind of dull, but sail area made me think it could move. onepoint, WGW, and martin: When I said “smaller” I was comparing to a Sonar. So the Venture is not too big by my standards. The Raider was 16’, but not comfortable for me. The smaller boats, like vx evo look great, but I don’t want too much hiking. Another thing I don’t want is to
  21. I am near Lake Champlain. Budget completely flexible. Don’t care about racing, but open to trying it. I dry-sailed the Raider, but would moor it if that made more sense. I should also add that an 18-20’ lifting keel would also be a possibility. I hope that does not confuse things too much. Thanks for your reply and questions.
  22. 3 years ago I made the mistake of buying a Raider II Turbo. Great boat, but too athletic for me at 70 y.o. I want to be able to go out solo, or take a few others. One possibility is a used Sonar. But I would prefer a non-keeled, lighter and smaller boat. Obviously, I want something not too physically demanding, though I am in good shape for 73. I do like speed, however. My only previous boat, long, long ago was a Dyas. 23 foot keel boat with a trapeze from Germany. I think one possibility would be an RSVenture, and I would welcome comments on that or any other comparable boats. I
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