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  1. Rockwork crock o shit? Yup - it was at the worlds too. A Donny build for a RVYC owner. I friend owned out of the hole in Tsawwassen. I raced with him for a few years on their Thursday nite racing. The club was swallowed up for condos as it was on First Nations land. My buddy was the PHRF guy for TYC. I haven't seen him for donkey years. Where the boat is now who knows but that sort thing ends up on the island. Remember the 1 tonner "Kelea". It was Nannymo as a live-aboard!
  2. Another shot of our Mull 3/4 tonner for the 1978 World's in Victoria. The build was done in '77 the owner got transferred to Portland and it was gone at PITCH '79. We really didn't have it long but lots of memories.
  3. Ya, and never asked back into our country ever again!
  4. Basically, why not have to be vaccinated? And with the goofy anti-vaxx'ers in the U.S. WTF? It's our country so get over it or don't come. What's going on with the cruise liners in Florida is just dumb. A cruise ship is a petri dish in the first place - eww....no thanks!
  5. Pretty well known boat in these parts. George was my dentist too. I didn't know him from sailing until after the fact.
  6. No worries. Wardair was great. I know a lot of airline pilots from sailing; most of them with the People's airline. But more I sailed with them I would rather take the the train!
  7. If you aren't being paid then it's a hobby at best. Don't get me started with some Laser sailors. It's a team sport and they tend to forget that. There is no "I" in team. And I've had the opportunity with some of the best teams on the planet going back now 30 years or more. A lot of it in Seattle and Vancouver with teams that basically stayed together for 10 years or more. Not just the sailing but life victories & challenges. Don't be a dork. Or you won't be asked back again. You become the Maytag repairmen. And this is stolen from Elvstrom of course but always remind your
  8. Please take this to "Canadian Political Anarchy" as I'm interested to getting the real thoughts on whether my great American's are going to come up to cruise and race. I'm leaving the Big Smoke (after since been a 3 generation Vancouverite my whole life) for the Sunshine Coast so I'm interested of that - only. It's the border not the boarder btw! I hate that.
  9. Like I was going to say: Coho was a 1979? That's not right. The Spencer 34's were built for the 1978 3/4 tons world's in Victoria. I was there and competed with our Mull aluminium 3/4 tonner. It was out of EHYC and built at W.A. Thom at the bottom of Fell St. in North Vancouver. Which I helped build.
  10. Fantastic boats! I knew the builder/designer quite well and the same yacht club too. We had probably half a dozen or more there. The last one was sold last year with as one owner boat and semi-custom. I what have bought it myself but timing was off.
  11. What SJB said. Built like a tank from the Japanese; maybe over built. No quality issues with those. The interior is very functional but the styling compared to the modern Bunters and the ilk is a little different but again: very functional. I've sailed on a 26,30,33 and a 36 and hardly for top podium material but not a full on poochy either. A dealer brought them in and sold a pile of them - to a point. Then the dealer turned around and became a Hunter dealer. Go figure! I raced on a 33 in Swiftsure '79 and it started to blow 35+ with a huge wind chop. Most of the crew got sick only into 2 ho
  12. Probably. I hadn't talked to Bill since the Chicken Coop cratered. I had a visit there and a week or two later it folded. I still have the line drawings of the SC 72. The 72 was fashioned for the 52 for more cruisier boats than the 50 and the 70s. Hence the problem doing the 72 I believe.
  13. I have a lot of time on SC50's and know Bill Lee pretty well over the years. I was looking for a smaller ULDB in the late '70's but a SC 27 was too small for my purposes and ended up with a Wildy 30 instead. Still, my relation with Bill Lee going on over the years and raced with Rain Man with his buddies SC 50, on and off, for years. Then I was racing with the "50's" fleet in Seattle where we had 14 - 50's in that class at one point.I was with one or the successful SC 50's out there with the "Delicate Balance" program. With notable sailors like Jonathan McKee, Charlie McKee, Keith Lorence etc
  14. I know all about Moody Too. A one owner boat from new until a few years ago. I knew the owner, Jim Pine, out of WVYC as was the builder/designer who I knew well too. They built the boats on Crown St. In North Vancouver, BC and the builder/designer went on to the Sceptre 36's and then on to the great Sceptre 41/43. Again, WVYC was full of them and perfect boats for our area. The 34's were the old IOR 1 tonner and competed with the Peterson/Martin build. The 34's were better built by lots and to their detriment to some degree. I raced on Moody Too once & awhile as Jim Pine was a friend and w
  15. It was the times of winch farms. Jammers were just coming in but just for control lines. I have 6 invested casting S/S Barient winches. Overkill and seriously bulletproof. I can't imagine it would cost to make those now.
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