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  1. Davidson 29 "Kodiak" in Howe Sound out of WVYC.
  2. I was there too at '95. Inside the box for the actual AC. After a few legs I thought this might very well be over. The next day I wondered into TNZ compound and Laurie, Alan Sefton and my buddy Trev Berry were having lunch at the Gas Dock across from the compound. I bluntly asked Laurie that you guys aren't really not having the clutch on now are you? Laurie looked at me, looked at Alan and Trev and said: "We'll see". Being a little cheeky I think. Bellow is my shot inside the compound after the first race. By race 3 I knew that this was a rout and packed up my stuff and headed to airport for
  3. That's a shame. But I knew in his early '90's maybe? We didn't swap Xmas cards or anything but knew over the years. This shot (mine) is at the '78 3/4 worlds with the first purple "Pendragon". Pretty radical on the day when we were building pintailish IOR designs by Mull, Peterson etc. Laurie to the right during measurements being done.
  4. It's all doable. We took a SC 50 from Seattle to Houston. Picked up an X-119 to Dago. Picked up a Andrews 56 (bigrpowr - I think you know which Andrews I'm talking about!) and then straight up I-5 to Seattle. All on the same truck.Yes, you have to make sure that your trucker is given a lot of latitude to make that work and to keep the costs down. I used use Dudley's in Sumner, WA but I think Jim Dudley must of retired as I don't see company out there anymore.
  5. I raced with Gentleman Jim on and off for years. Particularly, between high end programs both in the South coast of BC and Seattle etc. Mostly it was winter racing but we won a Ballenas race one year. I'm pretty certain that Moody Too was had Canadian Registered. The last sale was by probate as Jim had passed away. The next owner had all the proper paperwork to do the transaction properly and legally. What the next owner did afterward I have know Idea. I had heard the boat was languishing on a buoy in False Creek.
  6. That is correct. It "might" not have one but with a long history Calgan and Crowns I thought I had one. Moody Too was Canadian registered I believe. The owner was very British Navy/Engineer so I'm pretty certain it was carved in a bulkhead as per the law. That said: it might have a 13 or 14k number too. There should be a record of it somewhere. That said: Buying & selling privately the record can be a little sloppy. Particularly when transactions cross border.
  7. Original upholstery it seems. Moody Too had the original saltwater driven Atomic 4 engine of 25HP (depending who argues with that) but 21HP Kubota might be a little light for power. Moody Too was around that number. But they paid in 100 dollar bills in plastic bags. It took two weeks to air it out to take it to the bank.
  8. I help build New Infidel.
  9. Rockwork crock o shit? Yup - it was at the worlds too. A Donny build for a RVYC owner. I friend owned out of the hole in Tsawwassen. I raced with him for a few years on their Thursday nite racing. The club was swallowed up for condos as it was on First Nations land. My buddy was the PHRF guy for TYC. I haven't seen him for donkey years. Where the boat is now who knows but that sort thing ends up on the island. Remember the 1 tonner "Kelea". It was Nannymo as a live-aboard!
  10. Another shot of our Mull 3/4 tonner for the 1978 World's in Victoria. The build was done in '77 the owner got transferred to Portland and it was gone at PITCH '79. We really didn't have it long but lots of memories.
  11. Ya, and never asked back into our country ever again!
  12. Basically, why not have to be vaccinated? And with the goofy anti-vaxx'ers in the U.S. WTF? It's our country so get over it or don't come. What's going on with the cruise liners in Florida is just dumb. A cruise ship is a petri dish in the first place - eww....no thanks!
  13. Pretty well known boat in these parts. George was my dentist too. I didn't know him from sailing until after the fact.
  14. No worries. Wardair was great. I know a lot of airline pilots from sailing; most of them with the People's airline. But more I sailed with them I would rather take the the train!
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