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  1. The Zest downhaul does work, but yes there are only a few inches it can travel down. You can put a trucker's hitch in the rope to get more purchase. You can also use the outhaul, reef, and boom vang effectively. The vang actually has more purchase than it needs and with good vang sheeting technique and hiking it would probably be more effective than the downhaul, strap your outhaul and even better. The boat is designed to be stable so it doesn't need an overabundance of depowering controls. For all of you that are telling him to upgrade... wow... the Zest is a great boat used by hundreds
  2. I'm a bit biased but the RS21 to me is a mix between a true keelboat and a sport boat, it's got some of the dinghy like feel off the wind, but with tons of stability from the 750 lb keel. It has a kelp cutter option as well. I may have missed where you are looking to buy a boat? We have a handful of demo boats and would be happy to get you out on one as well as quote one of these demo boats.
  3. New fleet has dropped at one of the finest clubs in the USA! Commissioning party details: https://www.instagram.com/p/CP612WHLZak/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link I can't wait to see them sailing!!
  4. I use it when racing my F18, due to all the turns and it twisting the line I've stopped tapering it. I just ordered 3 of them, feel free to shoot me a note at todd@rssailing.com if you need one. I also have two new Harken standard 10:1 set ups for sale.
  5. Hi there, I've seen this particular damage twice before on Aeros, all recently oddly. It can be done by tying the mast track down too tight or similar. However, there should be some good will warranty consideration for an issue like this on an 8 month old boat, if you could it's best to request the dealer you purchased the boat from to make warranty request. And as mentioned above, you can change the track. Feel free to shoot me a message if I can help, Todd@rssailing.com
  6. The only boat I'm aware of produced in thermoplastic is the O'Pen Bic, or O'Pen Skiff as it's now called, in my experience these are very hard to repair. RS boats and most others out there are made from Rotational molded polyethylene, which if you know how to repair a fiberglass boat is just as easy to repair with something like West Systems Gflex, however it can be difficult to color match.
  7. Hi, I am just about to decide for a RS quest. I have been in other boats. not to much in a Dinghy

    I am living in a very nice place, my garden practically ends in the sea. So I want a boat I can launch from there. Also I want a boat I can take a ride with my kids, maybe not all the same time, they are spread out in age, 22, 18 and 11 :-)
    And I want to be able to have fun on my own, single handed. 
    Its a lot to ask for the same boat, but it seams like the Quest is a good pick? 

    1. RSsailingNA



      Thanks for reaching out. The RS Quest does seem like a great boat for your needs and depending on your body size you should be able to fit all four of you at once. 

      Keep in mind it is large on the dinghy side, therefore it has a fair bit of weight that you will have to pull up your launch.

      Our dealer in Denmark is great and can be found here https://aarhusseashop.dk/brands/rs-sailing



    2. fjord


      thank you very much. 

      I will go a head, even if I have to work a bit a an each launch.

  8. The RS Venture or Quest sound good for you... but quite a bit more than 4K. Wish we could sell them cheaper. Let me know if I can help!
  9. You could get a dynamic dolly system with a rack to put the kayaks on top, as a standard rack with the boat upside down or with their combo system https://dynamicdollies.com/projects/dolly-trailer-combo-system/ @WestCoastWest Coast Sailing could help you with this. Or you could weld up your own rack, I've seen it done, but it depends what your time is worth as that can get expensive fast, especially if if fails! Or you could get a 12' box trailer with 2' V-Nose for around 3-4K new, or a 14' utility trailer. I bought a box trailer like the above to fit Aeros in, drilled in some
  10. I'd be happy to help you with any questions you may have about the RS Quest. Most of the dinghy racing in San Diego happens out of Mission Bay Yacht Club in small one design fleets of F18 Catamarans (a bit high performance for a family), Lido 14s, Snipes, and maybe something else I'm missing. The RS Quest will offer you an extra degree of stability, durability, excitement, and most importantly dealer support. You may not find a one design fleet, but I believe there is a resurgence in Portsmouth Handicap racing coming and much needed, just go out and race enjoying whatever you've got!
  11. I appreciate the concern and my point wasn't to deter anyone from bringing it up on a public forum, but to give us a chance by communicating directly first. I'm glad my explanation helped you understand. If there is a channel to share the message we'd be happy to. As it is we attend most major US Sailing conferences, Camp Shows, and Boat Shows with our various partners and usually explain it there. Without a channel to share, such as an email list or facebook group, we just have to explain to customers as it comes up, as it has for you. We can't support what they don't know a
  12. Hello, I'm very excited to hear of your interest in the Tera and Feva. Both are growing really well across North America and the Feva in particular is really gaining popularity in the Midwest. It's great to see these boats used in situations where it may help more kids enjoy sailing. Your reference to "fixed" is referred to us as exclusive distribution territories. We have 5 distributors who import boats direct to North America and about 30 dealers. The belief there is that these distributors import directly to the region and support that region. The benefit to the local r
  13. I can assure you sir this is not the truth. I'm not here to get in an argument with you. I've offered my 2 cents and contacts for our customer support team. My last comments are that the Feva is a one design class and has had the same cloth since introduced in 2002. We do our best to offer quality and long lasting products. As an example, The Aero came out in 2015 and sailors in the fleet rave over how durable the sail is compared with that of a Laser sail. We've sold very few replacement sails for the Aero in comparison to boats sold, and we're quite happy with that. Once again
  14. I think you bring up a really good point. From a manufacturer's perspective, there are certainly different target customers here, unfortunately the sailing world is small so there is a lot of overlap. Here's my personal opinion of each of their attributes sort of in order from sporty/dinghy like to true keelboat. Established fleets aside, they all truly cater to a different type of sailor. VX- Sporty dinghy like exciting boat Viper - Sporty, little less dinghy feel more keelboat feel Melges 24 - Sporty with lots of power yet still a keelboat feel RS21 - Semi-spo
  15. So glad that worked out! Class rules haven't been updated since October 2019 and can be found here https://www.rsaerosailing.org/index.asp?p=documents There is a great Aero forum here: https://www.rsaerosailing.org/index.asp?p=forum and you can always email class manager in the UK Peter Barton manager@rsaerosailing.org From this thread: https://www.rsaerosailing.org/index.asp?p=forum&fid=12&tid=9034 The philosophy of the class is that it is a test of sailer ability and not technology; for example we want people to judge the start line distance and speed, not have it s
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