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  1. I prefer the live Frank Zappa cover version, where the horn section plays the original guitar solo note-for-note. Zappa's live cover of the Allman Brothers' Whipping Post is pretty special too. (And for the guitar heads here, Page recorded the solo on a Telecaster, not the Les Paul.)
  2. Global warming, in my eyes, is a good and desirable thing. I fuckin' hate being cold. If it was 30-35C all year round, with varying humidity, I'd be Happy. Young women here tend to wear the bare minimum at those temps, which has strong aesthetic and health benefits. It makes the scenery better (isn't Nature wonderful?) and research has confirmed that the sight of a nice set of boobs produces chemical reactions which are good for male cardiovascular and mental health. Also, if I live long enough, my property will become beachfront acreage.
  3. A perfect reflection of where the Stones were at then: Charlie and Bill bored shitless with waiting around, Keith severely fucked up, Ronnie trying to be Keith, Mick hamming it up for the cameras even though he hated the song. The Stones have become the longest-lasting and most profitable soap opera in showbiz, or the greatest rock 'n roll band ever, or parts of both.
  4. Re. EC's famous racist rant: It was 45 years ago. He was utterly piss drunk (probably played like shit that night), and a rich young Saudi grabbed his wife Patti on the ass just before he went on stage. If he was such a racist, BB King, Robert Cray, Nathan East and a long list of other top black musicians would have had nothing to do with him. Great guitar player who grew into a great songwriter and singer as he aged. His playing hasn't changed or progressed, he just plays like Clapton. Clapton may be God, but he sure ain't no Jeff Beck.
  5. Happy


    The Zastava/Lada was a Fiat 124, made on worn-out tooling, using rust-prone USSR steel. The Fiat 124 was not a bad car, I had one as a work vehicle for a while and couldn't break it. It responded well to driving Italian-style: red-line it through the gears all day. The Lada version was a notorious piece of shit. Aussie racing legend Peter Brock had a go at importing them in the 70's. Even with the $2,000 per car necessary remedial work on arrival, he was able to offer them really cheap. The first 7-day test by a top motoring journalist ended on the morning of day 2, when the ca
  6. Our Prime Minister likes to get down at Hillsong, eyes closed and one hand waving in the air. I sincerely hope he's just doing it for the votes.
  7. Not a good solution. The joint and the staff lose money. Seat them on a crappy table, and let the entire kitchen and front house staff empty their noses onto their food before bringing it out. Staff to gather round giggling and pointing while they eat.
  8. They don't really need protection. Assassinating one of them would achieve nothing but an increase in the general IQ of wherever they are. It would be nice if the general public was able to verbally abuse them and pelt them with eggs and rotten tomatoes without being shot.
  9. I'm convinced that 200 years from now, scientists will have worked out that brain damage caused by industrial pollution and excessive exposure to TV/social media propaganda was the cause for the wave of stupidity and insanity that overtook the USA in the early 21st century.
  10. In a desperate attempt to boost ticket sales, they're adding Kimberley Guilfoyle to the tour package. She'll warm up the crowd with some pole dancing to Ted Nugent tunes, then do her party trick of disarticulating her lower jaw and swallowing a live chicken whole. After that the true freakshow will start: Donnie and Bill's alternate universe.....
  11. He'd have to pay me at least $1,000. With the amount of shit that comes out of his mouth, a blowjob would technically be anal.
  12. Jenner might not have a fun time on Big Brother with a bunch of young Aussies. All day long it'll be: "C'mon Cait, give us a look. Is it like a real one? Can it take a big dick? Do you keep your balls in a jar on the mantelpiece?"
  13. It would be a great night out. See the amazing hair! Hear the incoherent bullshit! Take home a T-shirt, a cap, and Covid!
  14. Couldn't have said it better myself, although they don't mention the high degree of Stupid.
  15. I have a most discerning ear (40 years as a pro musician), and I can tell the difference between MP3, CD, and vinyl. Most people can't. If the music is good, it really doesn't matter. Snobbery is when you keep talking about your expensive system. Just like ranting on about your car, it's usually a sublimated "my dick is bigger than yours" deal.
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