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  1. I like a man who's forthright about saying what he thinks. You immediately know whether he's a total idiot or not.
  2. I did a bit of reading up on Russia's new nuclear torpedo. Putin announced that it would have a range of 10,000 kilometres, depths of 3,000 metres, speeds of 100 knots-plus, and be able to destroy and irradiate major coastal cities by causing a radioactive monster tsunami. Current information is that long-range control and targeting is doubtful, top speed is around 40 knots, and depth capability unknown. Don't sell your New York properties just yet...............
  3. If stupid gave off a definite smell, they'd be so much easier to avoid.
  4. Back in the very early 70's I was working for a shipping firm in Cape Town. A Taiwanese fishing mothership was "arrested" for non-payment, engineer and cook were left stranded on board for about three years. Being enterprising and sociable fellows, they got credit from a local ship's chandler and turned it into the best (illegal) Chinese restaurant in town. I had some magnificent meals and piss-ups on the Golden Dragon No. 1. They eventually saved enough money for airfares, made the right connections to get their papers sorted out, and went home.
  5. Profitable as hell though.............the Saxe-Coburg-Battenberg-Windsors and the C of E are the two biggest landowners in the UK.
  6. Haters would be even more jealous if they knew that Phil apparently had a monster cock. "Phil the Greek, Fill the Queen." Charles inherited both the ears and the schlong, and rumour has it that his manservant has to hold and aim the snake for him when he has a pee.
  7. A lovely tradition, 100-year-olds getting a card from the Queen. A newer tradition, girls turning 16 get a text from Prince Andrew.
  8. What do you get if you cross Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip? Dead in a tunnel......
  9. Putin's anal sphincter is just fine. Trump never shit his Depends in Putin's company, because he was clenched tighter than a 16-year-old fair-cheeked cabin boy on an early-1900's whaling ship.
  10. A guy who played bass in my band 30-some years ago had a close encounter with EC. He was playing at the Backstage Bar near the Perth Entertainment Centre when Clapton came in after his concert, very drunk. The band was on a break, standing at the bar. EC ordered two triple Brandy Alexanders, downed them within minutes, laughed when they asked if he wanted to jam, and then collapsed on the floor. A taxi was called, and my mate helped carry him out.
  11. If a white person attempted to step in to prevent the slow murder of George Floyd, they would have been smashed to the ground and arrested. If a black person did the same, they would have been shot dead. The outcome of this trial will determine whether cops can murder blacks without consequence, or not.
  12. I hate not being able to correct spelling errors or re-phrase something .after posting Why no more edit capability?
  13. The Beano and Fresh Cream albums were what inspired me to get serious about playing guitar. I did that for a living for 40 years. As a result, if I ever met EC I wouldn't know whether to kiss him of curse him. A great guitarist who matured into a great songwriter and singer, and a man who managed to overcome his addictions and arrogance to become a good person. Happy birthday Slowhand.
  14. We still have a TV. My wife avidly watches home renovation shows and Rugby League. She doesn't know shit about the rules of the game but she loves watching big tattooed boofheads crashing into each other. It provides some kind of emotional outlet for her and her sister, screaming at the screen. I watch Formula 1 and MotoGP, and nothing else. TV advertising is horrible brainwashing. Haven't watched a movie in decades, it's all shit. Frank Zappa summed it up perfectly. "I am the slime from the video......"
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