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  1. Schionning and Oram have some basic differences in design philosophy. The main similarities are duflex, kits, performance, and lots of proven good boats sailing. Jeff's boats always have that supercar/jet fighter profile, complex hull shapes for flat panels, and high performance with elegant modern interiors. Bob's boats are less stylish, simpler shapes with a lot less taping, fast practical cruisers with more functional fitout. Jeff's boats all have twin daggerboards, Bob reckons one big one is enough. Size for size, Jeff's boats will take a bit longer/cost a bit more to b
  2. Not really, Bob's duflex kit builds are simpler and faster. Hulls built right-side up, all the coving and taping is downhand.
  3. Years ago I had some fun with Mormons. Spotted two young fellows, white shirts and ties, little backpacks, going door to door up my street. When they knocked on my door, I was ready. Opened the door stark naked except for steel-capped boots, hair all messed up, bottle of whiskey in one hand and a huge kitchen knife in the other, growled "Want to come inside sweeties, you look tasty!" They didn't run, but it was a really fast walk up the drive and away. I like to think it was my dick that terrified them, but it was probably the knife........and the eyes, I'm pretty good at
  4. The Citroen SM was a particular favorite of Idi Amin, former Ugandan dictator. (Some of his other favorite things were stealing all the country's money, murder, and occasional cannibalism.) Idi had six SM's, so he always had at least one that was working.
  5. Years ago, local boy was part of a flight of 3 F111's being delivered down the coast. When they passed Airlie Beach, he came down to about 500 feet, buzzed the Main street and went vertical, full afterburner, at the end of the street. The locals were most impressed. I have no idea how deep the shit was that he ended up in.......
  6. They'll need a much bigger outboard to get up to ramming speed.......
  7. My old Serb mate Bob the Wog is a great guy, especially since he officially became Aussie Bob some twenty years ago. The rest of 'em are mainly cunts. Novax is a rich famous antivax cunt, so the rest of the Serb cunts think he's a cross between Jesus and Elvis.
  8. That's baboons for you. Full of good ideas but lousy at thinking them all the way through.
  9. I doubt somehow that TFG was shtupping under-age nubiles at Jeff's place. He wouldn't have been interested, because they weren't Ivanka.....
  10. They are good for a laugh though. I particularly enjoyed their recent policy announcement regarding legalizing methamphetamine, cocaine, heroin, and cutting the military's budget by 50%. No doubt they will soon announce an election platform based on immediate closing of all coal mines, and compulsory vegetarianism for all. Their party room is still divided on the issue of compulsory bi-sexuality.......
  11. Last race, equal points, Max has more wins for the season. If neither finishes, Max wins WC. I'm expecting him to try and take Lewis out early, not caring if he fucks his own car in the process. Max is proving himself to be a total prick this season.
  12. America is generally fucked, but Texas and Florida seem to be at an advanced level of fucked-up-ness. Guy takes an assault rifle (sounded suppressed) to visit his GF and her kid?
  13. Trump in a fight? The extra-absorbent Depends would slightly defend his balls against a kick, I guess.
  14. All the pics I've seen of Ms. Giuffre (with Andrew, Bill C, the late Jeffrey, and more) show a smiling girl who looks thrilled to be there. Seventeen is one year over the age of consent in most civilized countries. So the rich old guys who fucked her are not pedophiles, nor were they committing statutory rape. However, they are disgusting sleazy sick fucks. Being rich and important means they will probably get away with it. Ghislaine might walk unless there is evidence of girls under 16 being procured, or girls of any age being forced or coerced into sex. There is probably
  15. Happy

    Tinfoil Hat

    And we have a new record for the New-Sock-to-Permaflicked run! Outstanding.
  16. Religion is one of the best scams ever. The stupid, the superstitious, the hysterical, the delusional and the easily-led will always be with us, and they are happy to hand over lots of their hard-earned cash to the guy who says he talks with god. They are also happy to vote for whoever they're told to vote for, and to hate whoever they're told to hate. In the USA this has been refined to the point where religious leaders must have their own TV station or show, a few private jets, a 30-bedroom mansion or two, and teams of hot-shot lawyers on retainer for when they get caught stealing
  17. Christmas songs are the lowest form of musical shit in the universe. There are only two exceptions: "Fairytale of New York", and Kevin Bloody Wilson's heartbreaking tale of a young boy's Christmas disappointment: Santa Claus you cunt, where's me fuckin' bike I've opened all this other shit, and there's fuck all here I like I wrote a fuckin' letter, I come to see you twice You useless geriatric cunt, you forgot my fuckin' bike! Always brings a tear to my eye.............
  18. I've always found his writing tedious. Having spent half my life in Africa, it doesn't always ring true, and his characters are caricatures. I knew his daughter from his first marriage. Smith basically abandoned her and her brother after the divorce. I also met people who'd had dealings with him. Wilbur, by all accounts, was an arrogant cunt of a man.
  19. I suspect that homeless people in China end up in the pet food cannery.
  20. Not yet......... Hamilton just became the winningest F1 driver ever, 101 wins. He wants his 8th world championship. This season is going right down to the wire, and it's great to watch.
  21. "All right girls, we're doing this for the community. Nothing to worry about, you might feel a little prick........."
  22. Teak decks look lovely. Discerning boat owners have no problems, they stay in the shady areas and wear expensive Yachting Shoes. Down below the aircon is permanently chilly, and the paid crew keep up the maintenance.
  23. Wrong. It's "Kinoath." In Queensland the F is silent. Also in Qld, the Covid-driven exodus from hellholes like Sydney and Melbourne has made property prices crazy. It's tempting, I might cash in. If I could convince her indoors to live in an RV, I could afford a boat and have half-a-mill left over.
  24. I'm shocked and offended, mate. You're just so wrong. That's "Too" with two fuckin' O's!
  25. The Christian Patriots he's talking about used to own his great-great-grandparents. Presumably he's making a buck and getting some ego-stroking. In the real world he'd be stuck in a shit job.
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