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  1. I scrolled back a few pages and couldn't see anything. If he's been trying to sell it for that long you'd think he'd knock down the price or something
  2. Y'all want to see the ugliest boat alive? Only $45,000 https://sfbay.craigslist.org/eby/boa/d/emeryville-feet-sailboat-custom-leave/7319081489.html
  3. Can someone please provide the cliff notes on what happened? The dudes girlfriend started posting here? The boat sank?
  4. under 40', budget prob 50k CAD? ish? Would like to live on it too Last boat rated 165, would like something a bit faster, I always seem to go upwind a fuckload so something that isn't shitty upwind would be good Most of the stuff out seems to be either half-sunk or over 100k, not much of the middle ground. Not in a rush either
  5. Looking for a new boat after mine got stuck in Mexico and I sold it - wow, there really isn't much out there right now (BC area) Hopefully things get a bit better when covid is over
  6. Chris Grayling is amazingly shit I have no idea why he keeps getting 2nd, 3rd, 4th etc chances instead of being shuffled off to the backbenches The fact he managed to lose a rigged election is hilarious
  7. Starmer fucking sucks and is the latest attempt to present a 'sensible centralist' who will be neitherless be made to look like the second coming of Mao by the UK press and will lose in a landslide. Again. Even if Starmer wins (which I doubt), it'll be New Labour MKII - further widening of the gap between rich and poor, more environmental devastation, further public selloffs and PFIs etc etc while making token gestures like increasing the minimum wage slightly What's even the point of voting Labour if it's just Toryism with a smile
  8. Crossing the gulf of california last summer in pretty shitty conditions, we heard a Pan Pan call from a boat that a crewmember onboard that was so seasick and panicked that they actually stopped breathing for a while Last I heard they made it to cabo and got transported straight to hospital
  9. How about this one? Interesting layout and nice cockpit and pretty fast https://www.boatdealers.ca/boats-for-sale/432641/schock-new-york-36-sidney-british-columbia
  10. Has anyone been on a Westerly Storm 33? Bilge Keeler but apparently aren't too bad upwind?
  11. I mean, the UK also royally fucked up initially and is now behind the curve pretty badly so they have to go even more extreme on the rules now, if not for practical reasons then to save face for everyone involved.
  12. I checked out of Mexico mid-march, heard that French Polynesia closed it's borders and checked right back into Mexico the next day. Made the run up to Muertos, via Mazatlan and sat there for a week, watched a navy gunboat escort a sailboat back into the bay. Seemed to have just been for the long weekend however. The original plan was to go up into the sea, but with more and more restrictions coming (and I managed to get a 4 month contract up in Canada) decided to leave the boat in a shipyard in La Paz. Caught a ride to Cabo airport and had a 30 hour journey to get back to Canada. Wh
  13. Yeah you could totally just bypass Canada and go offshore to Alaska, though it's not a particularly pleasant trip
  14. Hah, my friends have one and I do like it a lot. Similar in style to my 36 just... better. I think it still has a headliner though
  15. Good suggestions, I really like the Wylie. Cutter would be because I like the idea of having a bigger sail on the front Furler and then a hank on 90 or something for heavier weather. Right now I'm using a 125 as an all rounder which works ok but I'd like to have more options Forgot to add external chainplates to my list - my current boat has through deck chainplates and they are a nightmare to stop leaking
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