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  1. To me steath is about being able to set up and take down fast with a minimal pile of gear. It also implies you set up after dark and take down right at first light. The core of my light and fast kit is a Nemo Hornet 2p tent, an MSR pocket rocket, a 1.4L GSI Dualist cook kit, a Thermarest pad, and a 30 degree down bag from Nemo.
  2. A good friend had a head injury and had to take a helicopter ride from eastern Oregon to a trauma center in Portland. $100,000 bill and his insurance would cover about $5000. He was able to negotiate it down and got his insurance to cover more, but damn, what a racket. Ambulance companies are pretty despicable.
  3. I prefer to be called "shabby chic".
  4. You fellas can go on congratulating yourselves for your always dapper attire. I'm all about comfort and don't really care who is impressed by me when I go to the grocery store or a Civil War fort. I'm in shorts and birks most of the time these days. It it's cool, I'll throw on a fleece and <gasp!> pull on a pair of socks. When it warms up later in the day, the socks come off and go in a pocket or backpack. Covid has stopped all business travel for me since last March. I used to fly every week. And even when I did, I dressed for comfort in jeans and an untucked polo, or track
  5. Who is to blame, the pilot or the master?
  6. We were given tix to see Neil Diamond live back in the 90's. We were not too excited to go, but went anyway. He was fantastic! We did not realize how many songs we knew and loved. Great songwriter and performer.
  7. We used to have a powerboat we kept in a covered slip on an old wooden marina dock on our lake in N. GA. These docks were very susceptible to microbursts, dragging and crashing into each other as above with the added bonus of the roofs peeling off. We got lucky when it happened to us when the all the roof structure peeled away, all it did was litter our decks with roofing nails. Many of our dock neighbors were not so fortunate with shredded canvas and bent bimini frames and sliced and torn upholstery. We've got a new boat now in on a different dock in the same marina. Last summer, our ol
  8. I wonder if Hobot is feeling just a little relief from the tyranny of needing to keep the random pic moving forward. I too miss it, but I have nothing but deep gratitude for the Hobots efforts over all these years(!) and offer him a virtual standing ovation and certificate of appreciation for all the enjoyment he’s given us. Enjoy your rest, sir.
  9. Heck, my 24’ bow rider gets 12 gallons per hour (albeit at 24 knots). 15 gallons per hour surrounded by a Fleming sounds ok to me.
  10. It is lovely. And it's a much less vulgar and ostentatious way to say "FU" to the plebs than a superyacht. I'd rather have a Fleming 55 however.
  11. That’s a Jason Isbell song. He was in DBT for a while, now solo. And still writing GREAT songs.
  12. Last night we were listening to some playlist on Spotify and my wife heard the third different cover of Harvest Moon she’d heard in a week and she said “I really love this song”. Neil Young can really write.
  13. No argument from me. These are great. But I’d add Mike Cooley, too. He doesn’t write many songs, but every one he does write is perfect. and Lyle Lovett... (not rock, but who gives a shit when we’re talking about greatness.)
  14. Finally eligible as of Monday. Got an appointment for for the first shot 10 days from today. Never been so happy to get a shot in my life.
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