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  1. When my SIL had a Vegas wedding, they made reservations for her parents at the Excalibur. It was awful. We stayed in the Embassy Suites off the strip, a good call.
  2. That reminds me my car's spark filters are overdue for a change. Thanks.
  3. First, outside, inside, last. Can't believe I still remember that. (a+b)2 = a2+2ab+b2. Ms. Parrot would be so proud.
  4. We were considering heading down that way to visit some friends this weekend. When I saw that yesterday I said 'nope'. This probably exceeds the limits of the trucker's insurance... Ouch. I was amused by comments on FB yesterday asking questions like "if the bridge can't stand an impact like that, how can it have been safe to drive on?" The DOT to their credit was pretty patient in their response explaining the difference between vertical and lateral loads, and how bridges are designed for one and not the other.
  5. This exact boat runs about a mile and half from my marina. Twin turbo 711 cu. in. Hemi that has all the horsepowers.
  6. This is my new desktop wallpaper.
  7. Good discussion. Most of the comments support what I’ve been slowly coming to realize: do it soon as you can. I had been planning on working another 9 years, retiring in 2030. I now see the folly in that and am now making plans for 2025 or 2026 at the latest. id have a lot more money if I waited, but I don’t care any more. I value the time more than the $$ and we’ll make do with what we have and instead just do the stuff we want to do as soon as possible.
  8. There are only three correct answers to this question, 21, 29, or 39. I leave to the user to have the wisdom to know which applies in their particular case.
  9. Ah, the good old "groover"! Or do people still use them for that?
  10. Fixing the old Honda makes more sense considering the prices of low mileage used cars these days. My 79 year old mom likes her 2018 Rav4 a lot, but she admitted to me the other day she will likely need to stop driving within a few years.
  11. Jesus drives an Astrovan.
  12. Yes. Advanced Sharpie 29. It’ s a real testament to Bolger’s talent for writing that more than a few of these were built.
  13. Charisma: This guy has it.
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