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  1. Heard they've removed a portion of the main hull bow because it was wiggling laterally as they went through waves. Don't know if that is prepatory to reinforcement or just shortening. Picture is Newport RI July 2018
  2. Ho! Charlie now at 24 knots. Haven't seen that in a while in this race. Will feel good while it lasts.
  3. Glad to hear you made it! Think I met you on the dock at Newport Shipyard many moons ago (pre-proa). Give a shout if you need any semi-local help while you're up north here.
  4. I think that vertical carbon tube on starboard with the wood wedge at the bottom is holding in place a repair that Alex has already completed. You can see some vertical carbon plates with bolts (note Alex mentioned "bolting" in the first message about the repairs) on that longitudinal. Interesting that he did not mention this at all while showing the cracks in the center girder.
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