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  1. El Mooch has turned into such a despicable and rapidly degenerating racist asshole that he really should not be given the courtesy of replies and certainly not of quotation. Even if he is just playing the troll for for his own sad amusement, I could go for the rest of my life without reading his garbage. Let him bury his keys in the Mexican sand and spend his life fruitlessly searching for them, while all of his hosts laugh and point at his pathetic efforts. Please, no more quoting. Thank you.
  2. Hold them???? The incompetent fools couldn't even find them!!! The Colonials were very clever that way.
  3. That picture belongs in Merriam-Webster as the very definition of cleavage.
  4. Dang, a Gollywobbler. We set one of those on New World in 73. Much fun. 83' long, setting the same sail area as a TP52.
  5. He wasn't missed. But we'd like the same opportunity to not miss him again.
  6. Based on his postings here, I'd have to agree. The "have a beer with" test is not a reliable indicator of anything of importance other than a person's ability to keep their fly zipped in public.
  7. It rather beautiful here today in our particular liberal hell hole of Seattle. I was thinking of broiling thick cut pork chops with some Stubbs marinade. Quick sear on the grill then bank the coals Grilled corn and some tasty sides. The smoke from the BBQ will blend nicely with the smoke and ashes of the fires set downtown by Antifa and thoe uppity folks who think their lives matter. Probably a local Tieton hard cider on ice to drink.
  8. "The wheels of justice turn slow, but grind exceedingly fine.."
  9. On the downwind VMG chart, would you be assuming that the bow stays in front of the stern? I believe US Sailing might have something to help with. Check there anyway.
  10. When someone is regressive and repugnant as El Mooch, it is hopeless to rationally discuss any thing with them. Obviously nothing is more natural to a human being than their genetic make-up. And nothing is more natural than variations from a pattern. The current assault on our transgender population just demonstrates the desperation of those who want to gain and maintain power through fear of, and discrimination against, the "others". It is a strong weapon in much of the world, and one that wreaks havoc on lives and society. In the case of transgender, it is astounding that so
  11. Why is it...When a photographer takes a picture they call it a photograph, When Woody takes a picture they call it a shot.
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