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  1. Unless you've sailed offshore in waves and breeze, in a fast carbon boat, you can't get a grip on how loud and jerky and unpleasant they really are. I've always equated it to living on a NYC subway express train going through a tunnel for days on end.
  2. I don't have a clue, myself, but don't you just want to pinch their rosy little cheeks they're so cute and sassy. (Well, I suppose I should disclose personal bias. My nephew is the driving force behind Common Pass, after having worked for 20+ years on secure electronic transfer of health information in more than a dozen countries from Peru to Indonesia to Rwanda to the rural US to the US Army. And he's made a huge effort on advocating for and supporting personal ownership of health records with major health care providers and multi-national agencies. He was well down that personal pr
  3. And sometimes it didn't work out so well. I know of a Cal40 who tried that on LIS during a drifter. He was going too slow and got scared of being run over by the barge. So they bailed but then tried to swing in behind to "draft" the and got caught in the undertow behind the barge and sucked up against the stern. Much, much damage before they got out of there.
  4. We are in the era of full blown "Greed is Good" belief for a solid 30% of our population. Justified by the warped teachings of "Gospel of Prosperity" shysters and political con men. Gordon Gecko was a model of social responsibility compared to the Former Guy, but selfish and the piggish sure do love themselves some golden calves.
  5. Qum Under also has trouble with grocery stores that post signs "No Shirt, No Shoes, No Service".
  6. And the premise is different from 1984 exactly how?
  7. I assume that Qum Under has no problem logging on to Facebook or using Google, both of which know what he gave his Junior High girlfriend for her birthday. And what he is likely to have and and where he is likely to go for lunch. But hey, yeah, don't let anyone know you've been vaccinated for Covid, unlike what you told your college about measles or polio.
  8. Apparently neither do his family and friends.
  9. The Fed is pretty closely watching for signs of inflation and has a huge ramp to raise interest rates. But as long as bankers and hedge fund managers remain greedy idiots there is always a risk of economic turmoil. And, frankly, I've rarely met a banker who was half as smart as he thought he was.
  10. Cunt being used Aussie-fashion I presume to refer to the cheap suit holding the right hand of the well-stretched-sweater wearer.
  11. There are only two things in that photo the former Mango has any interest in.
  12. Reinstate the fairness doctrine applicable to all who are using public airwaves to broadcast.
  13. The whole conservative world of off-shore sailing was in love with the yawl through the early 1900s. The 60's were the tail end of the love affair. The "wise old salts" went on and on about the "Jib and Jigger" heavy weather set-up. Of course, when tying in a reef was an all-day affair and sails stretched like bungees, a yawl rig was a simple solution to avoid dealing with all that mess. So it was somewhat rational. And just like folks now think IOR boats were the pinnacle of sailing beauty, so people then thought the same about the CCA yawls, like the Concordia.
  14. Do yourself a favor and avoid anti-vaxxers like the plague. Because they probably are.
  15. I only know her from her postings on here (and those of her loyal and apparently marvelous sister), but I can't help but think how disappointed Mainsheetgirl would be with what El Mariachi has become.
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