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  1. Came in a little hot...
  2. Do NOT pick a fight with her.
  3. True. The number of statutes that Epstein/Maxwell violated would probably cover a page or two of the indictment. But rape is the over-riding crime. But it seems we haven't entirely left behind the era of "Why not just lay back and enjoy it?" era of addressing victims of rape.
  4. So, you are calling a sex-trafficked teenager a "girl that enjoyed a good time"? What the FUCK?
  5. She has not been keeping those a secret... Nor Salma these...
  6. While you're there ... Check out the front page for a completely gratuitous (freebie) ad featuring a very average looking suit of sails and promoting the company owned by a complete dipshit and fascist asshole.
  7. I just patented an inflatable decoy rutter. You can get it in Baltoplate Gray, Trinidad Blue or Pettit Green. Special, limited time only offer: The "Flyin' Hawaiian" model. In Hibiscus yellow.
  8. Apparently there is a budget model:
  9. My poor, sweaty imagination keeps thinking of it properly "installed" and loaded with two tacos. With condiment cups sitting in the the little circles. And a third "taco" just waiting below. All blessed by our lord. What a way to say grace.
  10. Clearly some more of that left-wing hate speech we hear so much about.
  11. Ultrasound done on a older damaged CF mast does not produce reliable data. According to the company who was asked to do ultrasound on my mast by the insurance company.
  12. And a self-own for another spot on the podium.
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