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  1. The reason TFGs taxes were "always under audit" is that the IRS realized that he had scammed them in declaring enormous losses and requesting a refund of something like $70,000,000 from previous filings. Which they paid. Which TFG thought was very stupid of them, but obviously took the money. And then the IRS gave themselves a major dope slap when they realized all the "losses" were essentially fictional. They have been trying to re-coup that refund money ever since. Except the years he was in residence in the White House. Oh, maybe not stimulus funds. After all his wineries and hote
  2. You're not suggesting that La Marimba imagines himself as a has-been gay dude, are you.
  3. Get AyeTides app on your iPhone. That's all you need for currents, worldwide. Easy to read and use. Add Compass, BuoyData, FindShip, WindAlert, PredictWind and Navionics charts for the West Coast and you have a complete coastal navigation package. Plus they all have regular updates.
  4. Why would you bother describing your qualifications to this troll?
  5. I usually try to avoid aspersions, but this is idiotic. Bridges do not care what kind of vehicle drives over them. Bicycle, Tuk Tuk, ICE, EV, airport van, buses, light rail, whatever. Replacement is always assumed. It is "planned in" by the project assumptions. Every private and governmental project I've designed - a couple of hundred - have life cycle costing up front, with decisions made about durability and replacement stated at the project outset from the mechanical system right down to the locksets. It may be set at 25 years at the low end, 40 years or more. 100 years is the
  6. No wonder the bottle hasn't been touched. That shit is undrinkable. It's essentially the haggis of beverages.
  7. The second bridge is actually may be more valuable than the first because it supports and extends the economic life and valuable developments engendered by the first bridge. It could be called addition by avoiding subtraction. Now if the first bridge was magically designed to last forever and provide all the capacity that would ever be needed at that location, well yeah, then your point may be valid. Question: Is the money spent on maintaining infrastructure also wasted?
  8. Not unscientific at all. All commercial real estate pro formas assume a 5% vacancy rate. Otherwise you don't account for natural turn-over, the guy in 5-B croaking, maintenance, etc. Same with any pool or resource whether it's jobs or labor. 100% job occupancy is a myth promoted by the "perfectly efficient market" club.
  9. IF you think borrowing money at near zero interest is a drag on the economy of being 8% in debt, do not EVER apply for the CFO job at a major corporation.
  10. I do not believe he has any current attorneys who would be admitted to practice at the SCOTUS bar. He may find some tame, desperate-for-fame lawyer in Oshkosh or Ashtabula, but its doubtful any NY or DC firm would touch him. More important, any potential white shoe lawyer has partners who do not like the smell of corruption tainting their lobby. They like getting paid and they don't like their clients to have to brush of any stains left on the couch.
  11. But a pretty large fraction Lawyer Attorney to the Watergate Commission Corporate Board member Author Senator Secretary of State
  12. El Muchacho seems to hold the position that voting for someone who "abetted" a sexual predator is worse that voting for someone who is a self-declared sexual predator. Apparently in his tequila-addled brain, you just have to go for the real thing. And save your outrage for the bimbo who stood by and didn't toss the bastard's clothes out the Lincoln Bedroom window. (I would have paid money to see that, though! Hillary or Melania)
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