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  1. It took one hell of an on-the-job inspector to spot that. Yessiree. What did it look like the month before? It looks like those beams are stiffeners for the bottom cord of the transverse beams and not directly carrying. But that bolt pattern says something important is going on. But it doesn't really make any sense to me to fail that way: Pure shear with no diagonal stress lines and not top or bottom deformation. Unless there was a butt joint at that location. Even so, the out of plane displacement is vertical. Weird. There also seems to be hints of some funny business goi
  2. Hope he has an affordable lawn service to keep things neat and tidy for the next few decades.
  3. Oxycodone is far, far from the best stuff in life. My wife was on Oxycodone for a hip replacement gone septic. Really, truly painful. Really needed pain control. But hated the Oxycodone brain fog so much she couldn't stand it and stopped taking it. Ended up in the ER in withdrawal, and with a 3 month hospitalization to get clean of the shit. In the end, she said she just should have accepted the pain and never taken a single pill. Fuck the Sacklers. Oh, and don't cross an international border with illegal drugs. Unless you really don't like your boat. I've s
  4. BLAMMO! might be my favorite word.
  5. She looks like she could sell her teeth to Steinway and make some decent coin.
  6. The original Antifa. The Weathermen I knew were pretty amusing to argue with and - in the end - pretty ineffectual. The concept of owning, let alone carrying - AK-47s was unimaginable.
  7. Finding out that those are false teeth?
  8. There have been many trolls on here, but only El Maralago and Woofy make you feel like you're losing brain cells just by reading their posts. Well, there is Woody, but he's a special case.
  9. A competitor of ours had their boat inclined and displacement calculated by measurements through US Sailing's formulas. Then they had the same boat weighed with a single point pick and a calibrated scale. The difference between the two values was 30kg on a boat weighing 7,200kg. Reasonably accurate
  10. Because getting wage slaves to competitively bid against each other to drive the cost of labor down to starvation level is the backbone of American capitalism. Ignoring, of course, that they, the corporations, actually have to sell there shit to someone. But then, that's Walmart genius: Selling the worst to the poorest.
  11. But, but, but ... he's been trained as a biologist, physicist, immunologist, meteorologist, boatbuilder, yachtsman, metallurgist, chemist, historian, political scientist and philosopher king.
  12. You are challenging the core of American capitalism and the holy Gospel of Milton right there: Annualized gains for shareholders are the entire purpose of a corporation, don't you know.
  13. Yeah, you couldn't complain to strangers from your keyboard.
  14. I hope the girl is faster than the boat. In any event, she probably weighs less than that hatch cover.
  15. In other words, life is a test. If you can tolerate unmitigated boredom in life, we promise you an eternity of boredom in the afterlife. Why does hell always sound like the more interesting place?
  16. Then there is the universal number symbol: "J" It can stand for 22, 23, 24, 27, 29, 30, 34, 35, 36, 37, 39, 40, 41, 42, 44, 45, 80, 90, 99, 105, 109, 111, 120, 121, 125, 145, 165. At least Good for solving equations having P, H, R and F as variables.
  17. Mikey Short for Knob thinks that a 50,000 person clinical trial Drumphs real life data from 150,000,000 people getting a vaccination. Yeah, I know someone like that. But I wouldn't ask them to contribute to a conversation, let alone make decisions.
  18. Not according to the women in the French court.
  19. The fastest Lagoon 420 on this list rates 168 in PHRF: So, approximately equal to a J-24. Spectacular.
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