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  1. Martin, I purchased longer straps as I had to use my hands to get my feet under the existing straps. I wear an 11 shoe, but I just could not get the feet under the straps. My boat is coming out of dry dock in the next two weeks (please, let us have some wind here!), so I will give them a whirl. Due to my height, I have to use the straps on other side. I just couldn't get my foot under there while negotiating the center rib. We shall see....
  2. Champlain, having something to keep the mast in is a good idea. The cunningham is really short to keep spaghetti off the deck. If you're concerned about it, do a Laser type tie off to keep the mast in the tube. That would be belt and suspenders if you keep the wrinkles just out of the luff with cunningham. Think I am going to do this myself when I get back on the water. Will report back.
  3. In my opinion, if your desire is to have a Portsmouth slaying beast, move on from the UFO. It's a dog when I sail it in non-foiling conditions (likely operator error), but when it foils, it's magic, especially for those who are beginners like myself. I'd love to hear the techniques to improve upwind performance, too.
  4. I’m at Houston YC this weekend.

    1. True North

      True North

      Are you there for Laser Nats?  Due to family issues, I can only travel to one regatta a year, and it's Wurstfest in November.

      Let me know what you're doing there.  I sailed Lasers a lot in the 70s at HYC....

    2. Bill's Sock Puppet

      Bill's Sock Puppet

      Yes, on a whim I entered the the Laser Nationals.  So far is a great vacation.

    3. True North

      True North

      Excellent.  Have fun!

  5. Randy, I wrap duct tape around the top of the wand to prevent having the wand fall out unintentionally. Two wraps max, and easy off at end of day if you leave a tag on it.
  6. Wow! That is panhandle country, and about as far from Cali as I can imagine. And have you splashed the Mach 2 in our fair state? If so, where?
  7. I am up for anywhere, but I prefer a lake where the mast doesn’t get stuck in the mud. Ray Hubbard is a really good venue as it’s built north/South and the prevailing wind is southerly; however, when fronts come through, it generally goes northerly. Less chop when it’s from the south, and a lot when from north. Again, up for anywhere that weekend.
  8. Stand alone event IMO. I want the improvement coaching brings. A regatta would cut down too much on coaching. And we SHOULD have some WIND!
  9. My thoughts watching the vid (bear in mind I have sailed mine a total of FIVE times!). I think you're too close to the wind trying to get foiling. I have my best results when starting on a super broad reach. You're on a close reach, and that doesn't give you enough wiggle room. You did a GREAT job of bailing when the weather hull was the first out of the water. The boat won't foil when the weather hull is out first, or rather, I can't get the boat to foil when the weather hull is the first out of the water. If you can try starting out on a broader reach, I predict you will be flying all
  10. Digging around in pics and found several from my trip to RI in November 2016. Decent shots of the first prototype, the green Probe, may be found on this FB page: UFO Foiling in Texas. Needless to say, the boat design has come a long way from its rather humble beginnings as a mash up of Laser spars, spare parts, and one incomplete Moth hull.... The boat we sail is many iterations removed from Probe, and many of those iterations may be seen in the pics.
  11. Charlie, to Bad Andy's point, cold in Texas has a completely different meaning than that in more northern climes. While my UFO is in drydock having some mast repairs done, I have sailed the Laser several times with water temps around 40°, air temps around 29°, and attendant wind chill when it's blowing 15. All ropes, blocks, and ratchets have frozen along with any water that may be in the boat. As you know, that is really cold for these parts! I have been wearing the following which has kept me toasty: 3 mm neoprene longsleeve shirt, dry suit, 3 mm neoprene 3/4 Rooster hikers, life jacke
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