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  1. sorry for laughing, but the kind of guns they work on, they get the ideas from a bond-villian?
  2. as long you don't see it without mesuring, it is good. Bit like the square (or retangular) rooms in old houses. They all look good, but when you start using a straight edge and a square you see things you wish you haven't seen
  3. Funny readings. The pot calling the kettle about the cheap workforce.
  4. they are not? Damn, maybe the teacher was right after all.
  5. but it is harder to put the boat in fire.
  6. when I read this, I wonder why nobody starts sailing.
  7. @fastyacht maybe it is time to invest in a new keyboard? My snaggles is not good, but if I now also have to learn fastyachts, it is becoming more and more something like a job.
  8. she is sailing already. Won her division in the htcc in Nieuwpoort in 2018
  9. The link you can click on in the text of hump101. He posted it twice. If you didn't see it, but you see mine, I conclude you only read you want to read. So my statement is correct. Can you give a link to your numbers about Erasmus? It must be in one of the many thousands of pages of analysis. Don't give us an opinion, that is useless. You already give us yours, but you cannot back it up (or don't want to, your choice)
  10. Damen printed a ships propeller out of NiCu. And I believe a dutch company printed a cranehook recently (but have to look up who or what). Was more showcase than everything else, I don't believe it was cheaper than the traditional methode. But they are going to test them (propeller is already in use).
  11. you really think they will read it now? If they didn't bother to read it the first time, they will not bother to read it a second time. They don't like reading their wrongs.
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