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  1. And yet they still have a series , one that you guaranteed would never get started , and you are still whining about it 3 years later . Priceless .
  2. Its nice to be recognized They must have got the word from others than just me , you know they didn't have time to read this drivel tonight . In other news . SailGP, you know the series that you guaranteed would never see the lite of day is starting its SECOND season . Go figure
  3. I said the exact same thing after the first two . Tune in 3 min before the start, watch two min after then go grab a bite to eat, come back in 45 min and repeat . There is more passing in F1 LOL
  4. So this could be a very convenient AC. Tune in at the three min mark watch the start , watch two more min , find something else to do for 45 min and then come back and repeat. Hell even the commentators agree with me , how many times are they going to talk about the non existent passing ?
  5. What will the odds be on a boat that doesn't start first actually losing race . So far first one over is winning 5 to 0 .
  6. I'm going to take a wild guess that you are not a grinder . Pairs are stronger than solo as when you are on your power stroke ( over hand ) your opposing partner is in the weaker position ( underhand ) and you balance the power output.. As for power differences between the grinders those balance out and after you spend time with a partner it can work to your advantage . I could be quicker and take the lead at the beginning of a maneuver and carry my partner knowing he would finish strong . As for the handles rotating forwards they are for both grinders as " forward " with regards to the handl
  7. Does the name Ernesto Bertarelli ring any bells ?
  8. Now you know why they gave so much attention to the bottom graphics .
  9. The America’s Cup , keeping lawyers employed for over a century and counting
  10. I’ve sailed a lot with Bill Trinkle , DC’s second in command and he said both cars were evil to sail . They even turned turtle once in front of the SDYC during one of the dog and pony shows . I had never seen this documentary, thanks for posting .
  11. They are lighter without actual cameras in the housings
  12. That is correct as it stands . The real issue is as we get closer to the election donny will become more desperate and who knows what he will try to pull off . As it stands now what you have stated would take some movement by congress to modify what is presently in place. He has already laid the groundwork to claim his upcoming loss will be due to a “ rigged “ election which he feels will at least save some face as well as give his cult something to scream about in the future .
  13. I just read that , stonewalling the questions isn’t a good look.
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