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  1. And be smart about how it’s provided to the public. Don’t repeat US mistakes.
  2. Here come more BS from the spin doctor or doom
  3. The flu was worse and I had covid. Before you ever heard of a vaccine never mind Operation Warpspeed.
  4. Interesting that they took her over sideways. Wonder if the owner was aboard and directing. The Farriersusually get righted for and aft, attaching a bridle to the forward beam but pulling it backwards and dragging the ass end and letting it sink and then the bow comes over it.
  5. Do you folks actually look at numbers? Even with the wildly inflated way they count you do realize that deaths have barely budged from the lows right? And you are then going to tell me about exploding case numbers. Um... if they don't translate into deaths or much more than a runny nose its actually a good thing. And if you bothered to look at numbers like in the UK where delta hit hard, you will see exploding case numbers from May but deaths stayed at quite low levels and before you say the deaths will eventually come you might want to consider that the cases are already coming down
  6. Who is this "we" of which you speak. He? Sure, he seems prone to panic, hyperbole and constant lies. Me and many others? No, not so much. OK, not at all.
  7. Yea but I can easily pass the run, push-up and sit-up standard so I am free.
  8. Hey congrats. Boat looks great. That has to be a weight off the shoulders!!
  9. OMG this is fun. Is anybody who is so scared and concerned here - anyone who is so in favor of all these restrictions and mandates - actually tracking the daily death numbers? Asking because you know we are at the stage where there are likely more people dying daily from diabetes for gosh sake to put it into perspective. Think about that. You fatties have more of a risk of dying from your fatty lifestyle than you do of covid. Maybe instead of sitting on your couch you should get up, get outside and away from your fridge, and go run a few miles! I am in favor of forced ex
  10. Right over the top. Wonder if she felt the breeze.
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