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  1. That is something I suspect most everyone could agree on. As long as ILCA was going to continue to pay Kirby as they are at least they should have gotten something for it such as the Torch branding. Got tip my cap to Kirby on that branding. Sooooo much better than calling the boat an ILCA.
  2. LOL unhealthy in the best possible fun loving kick ass way. Women like her, and my Oma and my daughter are why I laugh at sad little pathetic people like you. Mom may need drive again but first we gotta get the Hummer back. It needs some paint after she ran over some poor idiot in a Prius.
  3. That is so freaking funny. Covid deathbed. Ha ha ha. Yea…. No. Want the truth? Absolutely nothing changed in my life post covid positive test. Didn’t even know I had it. For all I know the test was wrong. Other than the antibodies which prove it wasn’t. If you believe those tests. Beyond that… a complete and total non event. YMMV. Deathbed. Ha ha ha. My only concern would be if I got it now and brought it home it would likely be fatal for my Mom. BTW did you read about all those fully vaccinated folks in CT that caught and passed on covid? Now go r
  4. Covidiots are vaccinated against everything. Most by now have had 2 or 3 covid vaccine booster shots. And then drove home alone in their car while wearing a mask to hide again in their basement. That is why they are covidiots.
  5. That is a sleek looking boat. Very nice. Did you build her? Do you need the 3 to race?
  6. Just trolling for lemmings who think a $10K boat built using an ancient design, materials and techniques is cheap, that hidden fees are a good thing, and have a love for a bloated bureaucracy forever sucking up to an equally incompetent and moronic WS! That it is so easy to rile you nutters up with simple truths is a never ending source of amusement.
  7. TPA approved and in within 3 minutes. Made all the difference in the world. Night and day or I should say life and death. She and we were quite fortunate. That drug is everything the nazi juice is not.
  8. LOL, ILCAs are absurdly expensive. Used to be a grass roots class. Now all about the elite and Olympics.
  9. You got that right. The ILCA is absurdly expensive. Such a shame.
  10. I figured as much based on your covid advice. #Scary
  11. Well that a bad a good affordable sailboat but ILCA killed that Bill!
  12. Huh? Never died. Just kinda bored with the place. That and a job that is getting crazy, a parent who had a stroke and is now living with us, and one wild and fun 5 day rim to rim (the long way) backpack of the Grand Canyon.
  13. Wait, what?! He is back? Where??? Gotta admit half the reason I would come here was to watch his insanity. Freaking funny as hell. He was great because my impression was that he actually believed the stuff he typed. Damn, my productivity is going to go to hell if he is around again. Off to the BREXIT thread I must go...
  14. Outstanding idea. But it should be an Atlantic proa because they are far superior to their Pacific proa cousins!
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