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  1. OMG you managed to swallow your pride and take a Trump vaccine authorized by Trump appointees. Good on ya, you big bald moron. Wondering if I need to use the purple font or if he will get it.
  2. That is a pretty broad brush stroke there. What does your friend want to do with it; cruise, race, liveaboard? How handy with tools is your friend? What is the budget?
  3. LOL, well given his USNA pedigree I am giving him bonus points for slightly more intelligent than the current crop of 20 somethings.. Real problem there is no sailing (unless a beach cat off the beach and no racing). Would have to head up to the Red Bank or Atlantic Highlands or down to Manesquan (neither of which is a bad option). If it was me though I would head all the way down to the gulf coast (but I am a red state kinda guy).
  4. LOL, pretty funny. I will say that the NJ coast (sailed out of there for decades) was great sailing and a fantastic area. The problem was the traffic getting there or getting around. Once there and on the boat is was near heaven. And actually Cape May might suit the OP's desire for a location but maybe too quiet for his tastes in the winter. And rumor has it (not been) that the drugs and dealer are leaving Asbury Park and its making a come back (not so sure about the sailing there though).
  5. Wait, what? The birdie got banned?! For what? Geeze I take a few weeks away from SA to deal with life and work and the place is all changed. I mean he was stupid as shit and nuttier than a fruitcake but my gosh it made for fun reading. #BringBackTheBird!!
  6. You might want to say if you are looking for big boat or dinghy racing because that matters. Would suggest Savanna. If you don't like DTA you ain't gonna to like Norfolk.
  7. Oye, trying to catch up and have to laugh at you folk thinking anyone not wanting to pay ILCA inflated prices is a troll or plant. Are you really that delusional? You do realize its a fact that the majority of Laser sailors don't join ILCA right? Its you plaque nazis that are the plants!
  8. Outstanding. Great news; thanks @boomer
  9. Glad for this bit of good news and hope the trend continues. A light in an otherwise dark day for me. Just reached out to a sailor friend I hadn't talked to in a bit to learn that he has esophageal and lung cancer and is undergoing chemo. Just sold his long loved trimaran. Damn.
  10. Come on @boomer. Am praying for some good news since your last post.
  11. Not me. Work is insane and trying to help the clan find vaccine appointments. Regardless, I am sure this mess is all ILCA’s fault!
  12. But yet they still don’t join despite your protestations! Yea, they love you!
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