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  1. A lot of super yacht owners are have gaping holes…..
  2. Brexit Bottlenecks: Maersk Diverts Ships From Busy U.K. Ports Short on Truckers https://gcaptain.com/maersk-diverts-ships-from-busy-u-k-ports-short-on-truckers/ A.P. Moller-Maersk A/S said it had to divert some ships from the U.K.’s largest container port because of congestion tied to a trucker shortage that’s clogging the flow of cargo boxes into and out of the country. The Copenhagen-based shipping line, the world’s largest, has sent some bigger ships to other European ports and relied on smaller feeder vessels to bring containers through British export and import terminals, ac
  3. No, rest of sheet "behind" the winch will stay on the cockpit bottom. German Mainsheet mucho better than blocking one of the companionway winches necessary for reefing etc. The only issues to discuss against other options: In very hard weather standing/winching at the companionway is safer. On some boats the main sheet "grinder" must face aft in order to get a good winching position. Not optimal (although on Hanse etc. there will be the dodger not allowing a clear sight to the mainsail). Best is eg are the Dehlers with 2 steering wheels where the steersman can sit on the si
  4. If this is what they understand as imperial...
  5. And then there is the Daggerboard Queen Haber 800 with 4 dagger boards - 3 of them to assist tracking. Answer to a question never risen. Beside this pecularity Haber yachts are proper little boats, very seaworthy for coastal cruising and surprisingly fast.
  6. Looks to me that this a Dehler db1 - the bigger sister of the Sprinta Sport and rated as a 3/4 ton. Want a look inside (this 3D had been painted by Robert Das who was "the" scetching genius of the German Yacht magazine at that time: Full information a pics to be found on the Dehler website https://www.hanseyachtsag.com/dehler/de/modelle/db1/ (after taking over by HanseYachts you can download information for all older models https://www.hanseyachtsag.com/dehler/de/ueber-dehler/modelle-bis-2020/).https://forums.sailinganarchy.com/applications/core/interface/file/attachme
  7. So much for the tight Covid Control system in place. Shit in shit out and in between hitting the fan.
  8. You might consider the coriolis force. "Cruising and the Coriolis Force Wind shear: Due to the Coriolis force, the angle of the wind turns from the mast top downwards, counterclockwise, i.e. to the left (shears). Consequence: The pressure point is different depending on which bow you are sailing on. Wind shear reaches values of up to 20 percent. On starboard tack (i.e. with wind from starboard) the wind at the masthead comes more aft, the boat heels more strongly. The helmsman lets himself be tempted by the failure of the clicker to steer a little higher, but this leads to great
  9. What you can do best - you do the most ;-)
  10. - the same that killers starting mass shootings think
  11. What a nice read. The intention is clear, the rest not so. So it would only apply if you as owner sail your craft. If the owner is not on board the rules do not apply? You will need to inform the Yachtline if any of the following apply... any repairs or modifications, other than running repairs, have been carried out since the vessel last left the UK If you have come from outside the UK you must declare... any animals or birds What are they talking about? Any repair (sail taped?). Any animals (where - on board? on deck? temporarily nesting birds?). I had hardly ever
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