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  1. You might consider voting for investment in infrastructure and think about reducing your carbon footprint.
  2. We sail sport boats (Varianta 18) on German lakes. On beam reaches when either the Gennaker is too much or the apparent wind angle is too narrow controlling the twist will make mucho difference. When the barberhauler connected to the shrouds ("class" would not allow additional fairleads to be bolted on) offer not sufficient angle the sheet kicked out by foot (might not exactly be allowed by the rules) or by pole (allowed but cumbersome) will give approx. 0.2 kn more and less helm pressure.
  3. Hole Clew Plate on self tacking jibs: Will never de-anodize the mast as the J measurement is always less than the distance forestay base to mast If the height of the sail can not be changed (which would be a way to change the sheet angle) this is the only way. On on of the yachts (38 ft) I regularly sail we attach on beam reaching the outfucker barberhauler to the top hole of the plate The only issue to be aware of is when working on the foredeck (e.g. gybing the jib including a pole) is that the plate can easily split your head
  4. https://sailinganarchy.com/2021/04/22/wheres-wally/ Well if I read the wally website correctly they succeeded in having 2 times a family-friendly layout in one boat. That´s neat - 2 crew messes. Sure the yacht looks a little bit "stuffed". A real superyacht but no wally. Maybe they got wallying wrong: and try to wriggle their way between Sailing Yacht A and the real Wallys which were en vogue like https://www.classicdriver.com/de/article/wally-143-„esense“-high-performance-mega-yacht.
  5. If I recall your rigg from the photos correctly you have a pair of running backstays. Might be a good idea to have the first reef tailored so that the head of the sail in #1 reef just clears the running backstays while tacking. You will love this. In my experience the #1 reef should be of a considerable area. I would go more with 20% than 13%. Remember you usually decide to reef too late. I know plenty of occasions when we put in reef #1 late and some minutes went down to #2.
  6. Pogo 40 S4 - have a nice read from Lars Reisberg: http://no-frills-sailing.com/new-poo-40-s4-racing-boat The yard: https://www.pogostructures.com/en/fiche-bateau/pogo-40-s4/
  7. I tried this one - works like magic. To be on the safe side I started wearing lead soles on my shoes to adjust slowly. My friend would not accept any rail meat with those clothes.
  8. "The UK today announced ... that the UK is raising a self-imposed limit on its overall nuclear warhead stockpile, abandoning a previous cap of 225 warheads as well as the current reduction target of 180 by the mid-2020s, and replacing it with a new cap of 260 warheads." https://rusi.org/commentary/going-ballistic-uk-proposed-nuclear-build Just one sub is year-round on station with some 40 warheads. What the fuck do they think? Better off with 260 warheads in the depot instead of 180? Lobbyism succeeds? Or the first step to glorious sovereignty and ruler of the waves?
  9. I really like the picknick basket - so cute! I thought "Angst stager" is written with an G as third letter. Lets wait for the jump into hyperspace - too bad you cant reach the throttle when strapped in your seat
  10. Note: the higher the gooseneck, the harder it is to get to the headboard, unclip the halyard, flake the main, attach or zip the cover. I hate current "safe"/high goosenecks. On a friend´s 37 ft Hanse you have to climb up three mast-steps to reach the headboard. Makes live much harder (and not safer at sea). Consider the "working height" of your partner too.
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