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  1. A couple of days ago. Maybe a chainsaw involved?
  2. Agree with most, SS, particularly with, those who know least that shout loudest or are the biggest bullies. But a port - starboard incident is pretty simple and, if broken, a penalty turn/s is required. Done, dusted, and finish your race with no further consequence. I do love the self regulation the RRS allow us sailors. But maybe we should go to the protest room more often on blatant breaches to spoil the day of these clueless weekend warriors sailing for sheep stations. You don't see a golfer hit a ball into the water and continue without a penalty and hope it will be ignored
  3. Do you think this is the event organiser requiring this?? Or has their hand been forced by AS and rule 46. My reading of it is they organised all aspects of this (very good) regatta and needed endorsement by YNSW, now AS. https://www.sailportstephens.com.au/about/history/ I think the intent of the regatta was to get a bunch of sailors and their families and friends to come to Port Stephens and spend some money in the community, not to hand over a chunk of money to an organisation that is not there to benefit this community.
  4. I should have used the purple font. Commodore's cup is all about getting family and friends on to your big cruiser that only gets used a couple of times a year. Holding out the money tin is not a good look when they walk on board.
  5. $15 per person per day for up to 6 days. Pretty cheap for a YNSW endorsement. https://www.sailportstephens.com.au/about/history/ Though I'm not real sure the organisers would be happy with the additional financial burden place on the participants for an event created to encourage tourism and aimed, primarily at the cruising sailor and their family and friends. Refer to to entry number in the cruising divisions. https://www.topyacht.com.au/db/kb/entrants_display.php?EventID=1359
  6. It is illegal to use the COVID sign in for any other purpose other than contact tracing when/if required.
  7. I notice as well. Maybe a bit like pumping a sail.
  8. Some good driving from Jimmy at that bottom mark. Big power slide, kept the pedal to the metal, bit of reverse lock, and away they went. Impressive.
  9. Wow! Even my calculator couldn't work the maths on that one.
  10. If you're desperate, you can watch it on virtual.
  11. Anyone in Oz getting a feed not related to Fox or a VPN?
  12. Did you notice an empty milk bottle tied to the top of their mast?
  13. JS, I may be misinterpreting this, but you would also require to have access to $600 worth of 'Official' ENC charts to compare to your Unofficial' ECS prior to starting?!
  14. You will, of course, submit to a mandatory keel inspection before your next sail? https://www.sailingresources.org.au/news/keel-and-rudder-inspection/ https://cdn.revolutionise.com.au/site/lcwlcm16bdvmbsdp.pdf Unless your next sail is Cat 4 or under. Then there is little chance of your keel falling off.
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