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  1. https://www.yachtworld.com/boats/1991/colvin-ocean-cruising-schooner-3046558/
  2. And a third (heavily modified) version of the same design. Again making the designer look good.
  3. In the case of Herself, the builder/owner makes the designer look pretty good. Here's another version of the same design by a different builder.
  4. Herself is a version of Garden design #501, built by Don Mossman and launched in Sidney BC in 2002. About 37' x 12', I took the picture above in Maple Bay a few years ago.
  5. Otter was designed by Nathan Smith. Beam is 7'2". I gather the Sabb threatened to shake the boat to bits.....
  6. Drawing by Sciarrelli, poor quality I know......
  7. Definitely has the potential to be admirable. I'd like to know more too! The design is by Carlo Sciarrelli, there are a few of these about, 16m on deck. There's one with a 3 sail unstayed schooner rig, another with an America style gaff schooner rig, and at least one of these staysail schooners. 50'+ schooners with outboard rudders and tiller are rare. While they are a very attractive idea, the sheer, with all curvature bunched at the foremast shrouds, is not so admirable.
  8. I just checked the initials on those drawings.....JV is Johan Valentijn and WAH is Bill Heacock who later partnered with Bob Harris in Harris & Heacock.
  9. S&S called the Sangermani ketch a "Motorsailer", she was their design #2237, done in 1975 for a Mr. Coal. A particularly uninspired effort. The drawings......
  10. Electric propulsion is changing (growing) by leaps and bounds. It's nothing close to inexpensive, but the equipment is starting to be pretty impressive. http://www.torqeedo.com/en/products/sail-drives
  11. A Bruce Roberts Spray becomes a 1813 60ton Gunboat? I don't think so. Revisionist history is weird. Why claim "We're re-creating" the thing is what it clearly isn't? There is nothing at all wrong with building a schooner to take kids sailing, why not be honest about it?
  12. Jasper.....http://www.nytimes.com/1964/10/10/jasper-morgan-yacht-designer.html?_r=0 He was partners with Starling in New York city from about 1925 to 1930. Other notable projects were the America's Cup defender Enterprise and ocean racer Nina. Morgan is know as the inventor of the wishbone rig.
  13. Actually Sonny started the Hodgdon 21 design with a model that his Uncle, Charles Hodgdon, had made in the late 1930's. Charles learned design and lofting while working at Herreshoff Manufacturing in Bristol. The boat has plenty of N. G. Herreshoff in it, but also a lot of Starling Burgess, who taught Sonny about design and half-models. The bow is mostly NGH while the stern is Burgess.......
  14. I guess they have not heard of Kate? Designed in 1908 by Alfred Mylne and built by Philip Walwyn, launched 2007
  15. Cheaper and less heartache to build from scratch. Only reason to rebuild this one is if it's historically significant. Could make a mould off the existing hull (or what's left of it) and rebuild on a composite hull... No need, all the drawings are available in the Alden collection at MIT.
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