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  1. Whatever they were they clearly contributed to some fantastic coverage - the SAP tracker feed was terrific- so much information shared live - and the footage was at times compelling. The audio certainly had its moments ... those of us who have sailed Laser / ILCAs in Australia had wry smiles as Wearn unloaded on day one a couple of times as he struggled ... ;-) Also was great hearing the two handed crews communicating on the downwinds especially ...
  2. Heya Couta SI's 1.2 For the Men's Skiff, Women’s Skiff and Mixed Multihull Events, RRS 44.1 and RRS P2.1 are changed so that the Two-Turns Penalty is replaced by the One-Turn Penalty. As the incident occurred within the 4 mins before the start I'm pretty sure its the right penalty to take at that time ... but I'm no rule expert!! Happy to be guided by those more experienced ... I know my Nacra 15 kid was watching the tracker like mad as we watched the race on the telly and he seemed relaxed about it, not that that is any binding precedent!! ;-) Cheers Stanno
  3. Just went and checked the Tracker on the GER Nacra 15 - looks like they did to a 360 straight after that pre start bump ... Agree there looked to be a few laser mark "touches" ...
  4. Audited financials published here here ... https://www.sailing.org.au/about/annualreports/
  5. Greatest thread. Have just shared with my youth coaches and squads as "Lockdown reading and prep"!!!
  6. Phenomenal!! The footage is magnificent, the skills of all the sailors insane ... and the speeds - woahhhh! When the tri gets wound up and blasts through the kites - fabulous stuff! Will have to show this to our locked down Opti, Laser, 29er and Nacra 15 kids here in Sydney ... should get them fired up nicely!!
  7. July must be the month for it ... winter on the Inner West Harbour here in Sydney .... the little bloke and his crew starting to feel at home in the sky!! Well, right up until they aren't !!
  8. As a fellow member of the Centurion Club, I enjoy sailing my Laser from time to time .... but I utterly LOVE sailing my Melges 14 with the big rig ... I'll never be able to afford a Reichel Pugh designed yacht, but I am always entranced by the shape of the bow section of the M14 slicing upwind as I hike ... and yes, its seriously quick ...
  9. Well we had a fantastic time with gazillions of the famed singlehanders (including the special gold one!) down on Sydney Harbour yesterday for the 50th year celebration of our beloved dinghy. The team at Double Bay Sailing Club did a fantastic job promoting the event, with a feature article in the Sunday papers, and the TV choppers overhead for the start! The famed "Manly Ferry" even held at the Quay to allow the start just to the east of the Opera House and Harbour Bridge precinct to commence. The weather was marginal, with some great gusts making the downharbour dash to Vaucluse an ex
  10. Last batch -this lot of pics by the maestro Michael Chittenden ... http://www.michael-chittenden-photography.com/
  11. What a great thread!!! And its the perfect introduction to the 4th Annual Asymmetric Weekend being held on the last weekend of August at Hunters Hill Sailing Club, Inner West Harbour, Sydney where you can come along and settle some of these debates if not once and for all, for just a moment!! In 2020 we weren't able to run the regatta externally, which was a shame because the 18's were coming to use the weekend as a shakedown ahead of their season proper commencing a couple of weeks later ... oh, and they'd heard that the F18 cat guys were talking up putting two 16' logos on the hulls li
  12. Drop me an email cstannage@me.com and lets have a chat!! Yes we went through NB.
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