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  1. Languishing in Hawaii - Atlantic 42 in rough condition but for only 65k USD. https://www.cruisersforum.com/forums/f152/1998-atlantic-42-catamaran-256775.html Paul
  2. I'm pretty sure that the ad is out of date. That boat was for sale about 1.5 years ago and was gone in a few days. I was a bit late then. :-) Paul PS: On his own website, Philippe has marked the ad "vendu" https://www.multicoquesconsulting.com/en/multicoques/freydis-46-croiseur/
  3. That's crap. Especially for a kid I can image it could be quite traumatic. We are just underway from Porto to Nazare over night. Being pushed around in the dark by those beasts would suck even worse. I read that the Orcas have a strange sleep pattern not fully understood and hunt both day and night. I think I have not read about nighttime incidents. But then most boats don't go sailing overnight. Paul
  4. As we are going down the coast of Portugal and the frequency of incidents seems to be increasing my wife's anxiety grows. Mine too. @Zonkerwere your friends on the Nauticat that was attacked south of Sines today?
  5. My current setup is: Anchor winch and chain locker on bridge deck. Anchor roller in the middle on the front beam. Bowsprite with two waterstays back to the hulls to u-bolts just above the waterline. I currently run my anchor bridle legs to the cleats on top of the bows. The problem is that the waterstays for my bowsprite are pretty far forward, so when the boat drifts over the anchor (e.g. in a wind against tide situation) the anchor bridle rubs on the waterstays. What setup so you use? Attaching the anchor bridle to the u-bolts for the waterstays would s
  6. I think that is the same Lerouge already in this thread, just one repaint and owner later... Loved it then, still beautiful to my eye now. Price has gone way up with the refit. Paul
  7. First season with an asym and a code 0 from Onesails. Both with the structural furling system (no anti torsion rope). I love both. Furling on both sails is much smoother than with the other systems I have experience with on this or other boats (Selden/Harken top-down for asym, Harken bottom-up for a screacher). No fuckups yet - knock on wood. Downsides: Asym is a bit flatter than otherwise possible. Furled sails have to come down in 18+ knots. At least for me the furl is not as tight as on my cable-screacher. Paul
  8. With the stupid double whopper of Brexit and Covid we sailed past the British channel islands on our way to Brest yesterday. Didn't even bother to check the current rules. Normally we would have loved to visit, stay a few days, pay for stuff, ... Not this year. Paul
  9. Not much of a help for you guys, but in Germany there is one good mail order shop, that is so much better than the (local) competition. They tick nearly all the boxes. SVB has as great inventory, are very honest with their availability notices (in stock means sitting on a shelf in _their_ warehouse), have their logistics down to a point (when I order until 2pm it's delivered the next day), have phone support that is useful in most cases and will order/organize stuff they don't have in stock. Prices are competetive as well. Paul
  10. We ripped out an air-cooled diesel generator from the sail locker in our port bow. That thing was a real nuisance. Good thing, those 150kg are gone. Even better, we now have a lot of empty space. 220cm long, 100cm wide (at the rear) and about 160cm high (about 45cm under the floorboards, this was originally a berth). There is one big 60*60 hatch at the rear and a small leaking hatch in the front for access. We are a cruising boat, so we will not keep it empty. I am looking for clever ideas to organize this space for storage of... Spinnaker Code0 Storm jib Fe
  11. Try cyberyachts@yahoo.com.au. And better ask for a Mumby. :-) Paul
  12. Thanks, very good discussion. I also thought about not rigging all reefs all the time. Assuming that you have a standard reefing cringle in the sail, do you actually pull all the rope out, or do you have a clever way to quickly attach/remove the reefing line to the cringle on the leech? The reefing line could permanently be led though a low-friction ring that is connected to the cringle with a soft-shackle for example. I am also rebuilding the stack pack. It has battens to hold it open, but currently it is a super-tight fit. Maybe with 2 * 20cm more fabric it will catch the rope
  13. Hi, my new used boat came with a 94sqm square top main with four reefs. Currently I have all four reefs permanently rigged. Especially the fourth reef for stormy conditions has a lot of line going up to the cringle and down to the boom again. When I drop the main the lines make a mess more often than not, e.g. they hook around the davids or some equipment in the cockpit and I have to untangle them. How do you deal with these lines? Is there any magic bullet to sort them out? Paul
  14. If the sock got entangled with the screacher,.wouldn't you still be able do simply drop both the screacher and the sock? Paul
  15. Boat is ready and... "sailing". Paul
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