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  1. Live feed link https://www.facebook.com/watch/live/?v=129774008967086&ref=watch_permalink
  2. What do you call 'light winds' Foolish? I know some in North America have different prevailing winds to down here in NZ. 12 knts is a gale isn't it ;-)
  3. Ah, A sails are loads easier, in my view. I fly one of the stem (no prod, but we have a very long J compared to most boats anyway). Single handed it is a lot easier. No pole, up haul, down haul obviously, and no guy (brace). I've got the tack line running back to a clutch near the cockpit, so I can blow that if I want, but randomly my kite halyard is at the mast anyway, so I have to go forward to drop it (planning on changing that, haven't yet, it works great 2 up). I use those posh wichard ping-able clips, so I can blow the tack line and let the kite / A sail fly every time, then just pull it
  4. When I do round the cans solo, I don't run the kite. The risk of a fuck up is too great, and the benefit on short legs is not great enough. The context though is an Olympic style triangle course against fully crewed boats. The legs are maybe 1 nm, so there is a lot of close quarters situations / dips / tacking etc. The boat is a 37 ft, 6 tonne sloop. We can smoke to windward though, so its a bit of a chess game, out point them upwind and block / cover downwind. The main issue for me is the other boats are all fully crewed. We can get close enough shake hands at mark roundings, which just
  5. High Voltage's shore crew blog is very amusing... Things not to say on a plane RNI2020 In hindsight it probably wasn’t the best idea to shout down the aisle of a Bombardier Q300 plane that was about to start taxiing towards the runway “Naomi!! The propeller has fallen off!!!” The other passengers looked quite alarmed and started quickly peering their pale faces out the windows of the tiny plane to try and work out what on earth was going on. Naomi – my trusty Executive Assistant, sitting in row 7D, probably didn’t help matters when she shouted back “Shit! Do you think
  6. I did watch the video... How often do planes blow up in the sky? Sure, occasionally they fall out of the sky and blow up when they hit the ground, but actually blow up in the sky? Even the Qantas A380 that dropped a con-rod coming out of Singapore didn't blow up, it landed safely with shrapnel holes all through the wing, half the aeriolons not working, and fuel pissing out everywhere (from an engine explosion originally). That Malaysian Airlines flight over Ukraine, that blew up in the sky didn't it, what caused that?
  7. In a separate statement, reported by Reuters, Ukraine International Airlines said it was suspending flights to Tehran indefinitely and that the crashed plane had its last scheduled maintenance on Monday. The airline said it was doing everything possible to find out the causes of the crash and that it was providing all possible assistance to the relatives of those killed. https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/live/2020/jan/07/trump-news-today-live-impeachment-articles-iran-latest-updates-democrats Looks like the Ukrainians aren't happy they lost a plane. If they thought it was a 'techni
  8. It is certainly a peculiar and untimely run of bad luck. Having a civilian passenger plane catch fire, explode and crash, then an earthquake near one of your nuclear facilities, all within hours of shooting some rockets at US bases. I mean, how long has it been since the US shot down an Iranian civilian passenger plane? The physcho cunts have done it before. Wouldn't put it past them to do it again. More so with the ever stable CiC giving the orders (esp since he's not allowed to go after the cultural sites)... Of course the locals would say its a technical issue, they need
  9. Well, if you can't buy that, can you believe a mag 4.5 earthquake just struck near an Iranian nuclear power plant, according to the USGS.... https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/live/2020/jan/07/trump-news-today-live-impeachment-articles-iran-latest-updates-democrats
  10. But the base is going to vote for him anyway, right? cause he's a racist red neck adulterer, etc, and there is no one further to the right. So if he declares victory and runs away, his 'narrative' is that he is strong and won (which he will like), and he may lure in middle ground voters, potentially taking some 'switchers' off the Dems, yeah? So, the expectation is that he will declare victory and run away. That, and to escalate from here is likely to drive oil prices up, give an economic shock to the world economy, and make his economic metrics at home look not so good. So he wouldn't do
  11. Question: If Donnie backs off now and says 'we're even' with Iran, and doesn't retaliate, how will his base take that? will they think he's a tough but level headed leader, or think he's a chickenshit? How will his base take a 'conciliatory' response? More votes or less votes?
  12. I see Donnie has cancelled the presser, and wont be doing a live address, chickenshit. Doesn't have the balls to announce the body count himself, and has made such a fuck up, he's shitting himself on how to get out of this without killing a lot of GI's, and his re-election hopes.
  13. When do we get the serviceman body count? (can't wait) Do you think Donnie will have the balls to announce how many GI's just died cause of his manical homicidal tendencies? Apparently he's planning a presser... Or is he more likely to sweep that detail under the carpet for release in a few days when the magats get bored and go back to watching porn?
  14. Where are all these dead americans then? Fox hasn't shown them. CNN hasn't shown them? Not even Al Jazerra. If Iran has been killing mericans for so long, how come there aren't any bodies? (accept the ones from today...)
  15. To clarify, one would hope that if Iran had the bomb, your president wouldn't be such a homicidal cunt. But sure, go ahead and not read what I wrote, you sure have some hard out confirmation bias going on. You mericans need to understand you started this, even way back before '79, you started it, with your CIA coups etc. You have no business in these peoples countries. When the body bags start landing at your homeland air bases, the rest of the world will see this as karma. You will no doubt see it as some great injustice, worthy of obliterating other countries, but guys, w
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