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  1. any boat just after that really sexy IOR racer passed in front
  2. Could this cuyahoga dude pass the sailboat astern ? Much easier for all parties. I bet he thought:” fuckit I have right of way and I am bigger so I run them over if needed to make my point” ……. Dickhead then
  3. could be different in the southern hemisphere but here up north most shopping trolleys sink
  4. You would think that "the crowds" consist for 99% of people in front of their youtube or other stream ? The few 100 or even 1000 people on boats can be disregarded.
  5. At least somebody thinks they go fast, must be worth something?
  6. Happened before, Spanish goalie was interviewed by his soccer reporter wive when they became World Champion. Spanish.. so started crying offcourse (he)
  7. Are the hydraulics part of the 1 design package? If you can use 2-way pneumatics instead you have your air cushion. Could also be a oil to air expansion tank. I noticed that AM is/was the only one with a load noise whenever the foils are moving. But there has to be some dampening logic and that cannot be automated and I don't see it happening manual.
  8. tjezus I knew the Ed has vinegar in the morning accompanied by sour grapes but this is off the scale bs. Are traffic numbers so bad that we create our own controversies?
  9. Yes that is what I mean, could it be? Have a l ook at some footage. But I realize that it cannot be automated like in a car so it has to be manual (not likely) or mechanic
  10. I couldn't shake the image of the "floppy" FCS from my mind and I just watched the footage again. Could it be that AM used some kind of suspension, so as to isolate the boat from the movements of the foil ? Would be a great solution but power hungry I think?
  11. We should and we would if only we didn't have our own difficulties to focus on. But as soon as we do not have any problems anymore we come and take Nigel Farage
  12. I did sail with world class helms and quite often too. Where exactly did I say turn aren't important ? Or where did I say I didn't know what turns are. Get the poo out of your eyes. I was only amused by the fact that people where talking about 1 good turn. As everybody knows even a broken clock is right twice a day. AM is a broken clock
  13. Dutchman present! What difficult stuff do need solved this time?
  14. agreed agreed, nothing wrong with beercan racing. Any racing is good when you are having fun I guess. I even enjoy the virtual kind nowadays
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