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  1. It's like getting 'down voted' by Amy Shumer. No one gives a flying fuk.....
  2. You're getting very close to finally figuring out what's wrong with this country. Keep going a few more miles and you'll see the answer....
  3. Hetero sexual males should NOT be driving sedans. Two door OR 4 doors. Ever. As in like.....never.
  4. The Sun's still up. Give it a few hours. And maybe call Sheriff Villanueva when you get a minute. He didn't deploy his entire force around Hell-A County because the Oscar Meyer Weiner truck was coming to town......
  5. 1). Look at the crime rate in America. 2). Then look at the racial diversity & percentages of who commits the most crimes here. 3). THEN.....look at the racial distribution and ethnicity of America's make-up. 4). Afterwards? Maybe the Black community needs another 46 'The Talks'. Cuz apparently....following simple guidelines like not being criminals nor following simple demands from the police and acting civilly and politely.....hasn't quite set in yet in their community. Like we've all been saying for years....play stupid games, get shot. I'm seriously fuking tired o
  6. I still have not heard nor seen ONE single benefit to these stupid assed self driving cars. Not one. Seriously, what happens if they mechanically die on the north bound 405 freeway on a work day at 6:30 am? Or if some other driver bumps into your car and sends it across the next 3 lanes of traffic? Or worse yet...over the center divider? Or if some electronic gremlins sneaks in (rain, humidity, fog, shitty circuit boards, crappy Mexican made switches, corroded wires....etc etc etc).....or the non Ratheon auto pilot suddenly goes out when you're doing 87 mph's in West Texas whilst your new 26 y
  7. Also known as the Forgotten Island of Santosha.... https://www.facebook.com/surfer/videos/10155385320853856/
  8. Gawd damn but I LOVE April 1st, the Onions and the Babylon Bees.....
  9. Being ignored by the Tax Evading Bitch King of Road Eyeland.....is like being ignored by Amy Shumer. Or a winged giraffe.......
  10. As long as they're burning down their own homes....or those of the same racist Democratic leaders that they keep re-electing (that also run their home town police departments....that have created the Derek Chauvins of this country).....then I'm all in. Just tell me where to Amazon a crate of 7000 Bic lighters to......
  11. Oh yeah, those guys have probably been trying to reach their drug dealers for the past 90 minutes....hoping there's still some 714's rolling around in the back seat of someone's '78 Firebird......
  12. No worries, Brah.....Christmas cards ain't cheap these daze.....
  13. Apparently, jury verdicts have consequences......
  14. Or the 7 million Angelenos who took every single fuking word from this Dr. Ferrar chick as gospel...who, just like Joe the Molestor's wife....isn't even a real fuking doctor. Despite her $400k a year salary...... https://www.latimes.com/california/00000178-6144-d3d0-ad7b-e377aefb0000-123
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