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  1. Two free dives in twelve feet of water after paddling out on my long board....after 3 hours of short boarding in head high 181's. And I'm still fine with being merely second best.....45 years later......
  2. Keep practicing......
  3. That's just a 2 wheeled portable coffin without a fuking lid.....
  4. https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=10223559892404215&id=1197096351&sfnsn=scwspmo
  5. Shere Khan had a few issues....but she was still a great boat...
  6. VThe inverse of this entire fukasco (courtesy of one Mr. Tom Leykis).....is Vaginamony. Which is where a man is court ordered to make monthly payments for a vagina.....that he no longer has access to.....
  7. They both rock if you ask me. 'Chovies on artichoke/garlic/Jack cheese/fresh 'shrooms/red pepper flakes Brushettas on sliced French bread, on pizza, in spinach salads (with hard boiled eggs and hot vinagrette dressing of course) and in home made Miso soup with a dash of high quality spicey horse radish stirred in. Sardines? 'Pends on what you bought. If thery're still whole, dried & salted.....well there's your Mother Nature's version of Ichthyologists pototoe chips....right out the f'ng bag. If you bought them in a big can floating around in a bunch of tomatoe paste? Drain th
  8. You spelled anchovy wrong.....
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