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  1. and for a bit of fun... some footage of Day #1 of a mixed fleet regatta where our Victorian State Titles were incorporated into ... https://fb.watch/aOH2mbjNmu/ and main cleaters won both 1 & 2up divisions [just sayin' ;-) ]
  2. a more serious report of recent event Downunder thanks for the f/book share Paul @Pewit Australian Weta Class National Championship at Port Kembla Sailing Club (sail-world.com)
  3. last week, after a friend successfully moved a local rock island 1 inch ... VID-20211231-WA0020.mp4
  4. my opinion (and is only opinion) is that he had c/board right down, hit hard, chunked out rear of case and then board pivoted forward and down blowing out front of case & bottom
  5. here is a pic of the damage here you are looking at the bottom of the boat, with the bow toward the bottom of the picture & stern. to the top - as you can just see (looks more spectacular from above) there is no front of case
  6. and he still managed to see the funny side - he is a great bloke VID-20211231-WA0020.mp4
  7. very few other dinghy classes could make it back to the beach after such a catastrophic accident
  8. thank you - I get myself into a comfortable position and just go for it good question re the crew position - many find that ... my preference is not too far back as get in my road if I have to get in suddenly. Positioning of my weight (being a big fat toad) I find more critical ( downwind I hike off the back of the arms in a big blow - but that is my preference & I find it fast & controllable
  9. actually - a couple of minor corrections: - It all happened as he invoked the Pickle Folk Fairies wrath by placing a repair on his jib pre-race in the shape of a P.F. ... I bore witness to said atrocity and deliberate provocation - [might be wrong on this one] it was his tack that pulled out allowing jib to gravitate upwards - it was in front of the c/board case that got destroyed .... and I mean destroyed - bottom of the hull was opened like with a can opener for about a foot & look down the case & there was nothing left of the front of the case We repaired it immediately
  10. and also ... @Pewit had LOTS of practice keeping his mast pointing skyward ... https://fb.watch/aj5vXjw_MH/
  11. Am pleased to advise the Australian Weta Titles have been run n won in a carefully covid safe environment. But that was the only safe thing ... ambulance trip, one boat destroyed, many many 'choc tops' ... but many many many smiles on faces! A severely diminished fleet of 19 (due to a container of new boats still at sea after 6 months still waiting & at least 12 boats staying at home due to jitters over covid border closures) took to Lake Illawarra, just south of Sydney for a mixture of short and long courses. Range of conditions from a solid southerly in the invitation, to a d
  12. comments were directly answering question asked, with explanation of circumstances surrounding. If you don't like that form of reply - tough I will now absent myself from this conversation, as I do not appreciate condescending responses & do not want say anything derogatory or can be construed as inflammatory. hope you all enjoy your Weta sailing
  13. as I have sailed several of those competitively, but a unable to anymore, you are preaching to the choir - this wrist issue of mine is precisely why I am not sailing specifically Moths anymore (Lasers are boring as batshit & are sailed 'if you must') & why I am sailing Wetas. So I do what I must to get on the water, and find what works for me to go as quick as I can. Just because I place in almost all the major regattas says cleating can work not just cruising, but competitively. Never said it was ideal, just doable - and can be done to be very quick. Until you have to sail with ot
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