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  1. Update on new boat saga. Loked at 1983 C&C 29MKII in New Smyrna Beach, FL. Owner passed from COVID,and has been sitting for at least 1 year. Folks who are helping sell for family did real god job cleaning. Prior owner rebedded all deck fittings. Might need electrical panel, but did tapping for deck. Listed $13.5K, offering $9k, and will have survey/sea trial.
  2. Back from MD with potential purchsae of 1984 Tartan 3000. S2 we saw was bet condition of a racing boat we'vre seen, but................................delamination on port side chainplate, forward hatch leak,and stuffing box had a constant drip with engine off. The Tartan was in much better shape, no water intrusion, good tap test around mast, ports, hatches, chainplates, and deck. Backdown for sea trial and survey 1 week. Any Tartan 3000 info would appreciated
  3. Heading to MD (not going to Boat Show) to look at S2 9.1 and Tartan 3000. Both look well taken care, got my What to Look Out For lists, binoculars, small mallet. Hopefully coming home with plans for sea trial (if can't do thing weekend) and transport to St Pete. Got a slip in St Pete, so just gotta get a boat.
  4. 6'9" draft would be a problem down here
  5. Raced on a Farr 37 (Dickinson) early 90's. Fun boat, but no v berth. Will check out Farr 33. Where located, and what condition? come too. Cal 28-2, Cal 33-2, S2 9.1 I guess modern designs are worthless. I would rather plane at 18 to 20 knts than surf at 10 or 12. Hell, I hit over 15 in my Zap 26 in 20knts of wind, that is an 80's design. Some modern designs actually have interiors too you know. PS, I just found a decent Zap 26 may be up for sale in the SD Area. the owner just had to repo it, p
  6. Nope, it wasn't. Sounds like getting a surevey, easy, haul out, not so much due to low water levels. Moved on to Tartan 3000 in MD, seeing 10/17, along with J30, Sabre 30, and..........another Cal 28-2
  7. Hopefully looking at a Cal 28-2 on a lake in Knoxville. Would be trucking home, so anyone have transport co. recommedations? Boat details to follow. Maybe Holy Grail is upon me.
  8. More like a leak from starboard aft opening port. Don't know about the cabin sole, but it was not a good sign. Boat sold recently
  9. 9.1 is our preference, but this Avance 33 would fit our needs. We're looking as far West as Houston, as far North as Annapolis. Got a quote for slip in St Pete............................$730/month
  10. Sold Frers 36: Crew hurt or family obligations (babies); COVID job loss ( now working, and much happeir job and money); Downsizing. The 9.1 was stripped by owner, everything from interior in garage, foredeck hatch plywood; Seller of Frers 30 installed roller furling wrong, lots of water intrusion (survey), engine leaked water/coolant, and composite sails could be used as collander, tiller shattered during sea trial; Cal 28-2 engine didn't run (not disclosed), hatches didn't seal; J 30 electrcal system shot (not disclosed), but owner spent $15-20K on new sails
  11. Thanks for the info. Didn't know it existed
  12. Didn't say similar ;all 3 are very different, but in the narrow beam, pleasing to the eyes, and fun to sail kinda way.
  13. After selling my Frers 36 in January, 0-4 in getting a replacement. Frers 30, Cal 28-2, Cal 33-2, S2 9.1 all had issues and compromises. Came across 1985 Avance 33 in Texas. Norlin designed, so narrow beam but light. On the lines of Aphrodite 101 or BB10m, but with 6'2" headroom. Pretty much redone over 2 years, pics look good, and wifey likes. Found little info on the web, anybody have any knowledge about what to look for, how they sail (could be light to medium wind rocket, for the era). Any PHRF rating? Thanks for the help.
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