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  1. I'm really close to pulling the trigger and ordering a j/99, but seeing more of them for sale used in the US than J/109s (2 vs 1 isn't a large sample, but still two boats about a year old for sale seems high) - I assume the boat was just too small and light for what the owners wanted? Is there any strong reason not to buy one?
  2. With the used market being so tight, the J/99 is growing on me. It's more than I was looking to spend, but avoiding the maintenance issues of a 15-25 year old boat has some appeal. I'm mostly a Chesapeake sailor, but would like to get back into the offshore races. I wouldn't be double handing, but the layout looks reasonable for a crew of 6 offshore. Did anyone hear why the J/99 in the Newport race dropped out this year? Could you do a Bermuda race with one? Would you? Thanks, Wood
  3. I'm looking at a few of the j/120s on the market, and I see a couple that mention having the deck hardware bedded in epoxy and resealed, and others with moisture around the deck hardware. One survey noted moisture in the deck but recommended rebedding the deck hardware and not addressing the existing moisture. I know buying a 25 year old boat I'm going to have maintenance issues, but how big an issue is moisture in the 120 deck? On my last boat with a balsa core, repairs became pretty extensive. How easy is it to remove the headliner to get at the underside for repairs? I've repla
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