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  1. These are limited to 6% of the planet's land mass. If you are looking at the number of years evaluated, there is another variable. Coal smog. Particulate matter's impact on temperature is complicated and depends partially on how high in the atmosphere it is. Sulfates and high altitude particulates can reflect sunlight. Sure smog kills people and makes their windows dirty. Admittedly mercury makes our fish toxic. Still, bringing back coal or intermittently burning expendable places like California may have some positive benefits as well. My personal solution is nuclear attack
  2. I found your source. They also have this chart. Climate Change Indicators: Heat Waves | US EPA
  3. Yes @JZK. 1500 People died in the New York heat wave of 1896, far more then modern times. Many fell off the roofs of their crowded tenements where they were trying to sleep, catching what little breeze there was until they rolled over (at which point the breeze briefly improved). There have been longer heat waves and far hotter days since then. There have also been life saving inventions, including the electric fan and AC. Adding running water to the buildings, building codes and occupancy limits get some credit. Interestingly, the death toll propelled Theodore Roosevelt to promine
  4. At least liability. Give the lawyers a cut, that should make even Republican congress critters and judges eager to back the change. If you follow somebody's publicly posted medical advice and end up in hospital you can sue for the hospital bill. If your Daddy dies you can sue for pain and suffering, lost wages, lost inheritance, etc.
  5. I wouldn't assume its poor storage by the country they might be donated to. Even the poorest countries often have very large cities with airports, and could presumably vaccinate people on the tarmac. Its probably State Board of Pharmacy regulations. Some, as the article said, are likely vaccines taken out of ultra cold storage that cannot be refrozen by the label. The projected arms never showed up for their appointments, so the vaccines get tossed. I suspect its also just regulators acting like regulators. Freezers and refrigeration have a temperature log. Insulated shipping
  6. It looks like he’s about to arc the power lines, if there’s any humidity.
  7. What is the intended use and duration? Daysailing a reservoir or the Ohio River with some moonlight excursions, it will last you all season with LED lights. I assume you aren’t trailer launching a fixed keel often. If you want a week on Kentucky Lake in the summer, it should be fine (watch the thin areas late season). If you want a week on Erie in the fall with limited daylight, make sure you have good battery capacity and a trickle charger on your motor.
  8. Thanks for the images. The discussion on the transom digging in, as Crash posted, raises a question I've tried to ponder as the casual user (without falling in while hanging over the side). The designer presumably must consider waterlines (different term?) under the various degrees of heel, how symmetrical he wants the hull to be, what digs in first, etc. Would that be affected much by sail area vs wind speed (i.e. a 15' heel under a small jib and reefed main in heavy wind vs full sail in lighter wind, or just a tiny difference from more weight aloft?).
  9. I've seen a few "Sub Brief" vids and was pretty sure he was legit. I'll check out your covert shores link. Thanks.
  10. I was trying to read between the lines of a CNN report. They described the difficulties of passive sonar in an environment of multiple loud ambient noise sources (large ships). The phrasing did make me wonder if computer analysis of passive echoes might 'paint' a picture, like reflected light caught by the retina is processed by our brains as vision. Edit. Fenrir just touched on my question, and probable lack of an answer.
  11. What do these deaths do to MY sense of empathy? I have none left. I have no compassion for those that chose to believe Dr. Zuckerberg and other sources of medical malpractice. I have actual hatred for those that propagate misinformation for profit. I do have empathy for those that they let down, those that depended on the dead unvaccinated. I have extreme compassion for those that the unvaccinated selfishly make sick in the name of freedom. I especially pity those few that die as collateral damage from the uncaring unvaccinated. Its a cruel world. I feel slightly
  12. War is unthinkable. We started with an industrial base second to none in December 1941. We didn’t really achieve dominance in the pacific until 1944. Does anybody really expect a modern conventional war between powerful nations and their computers to leave anything functioning in two years? That’s ignoring the legal ramifications of annexing Lordstown and other former US factories from China. The peace terms would likely be onerous if we followed the American tradition and ran away as soon as we got our nose bloodied (or at least after the great battle fought to recover the dead bodi
  13. The secret is not to work. Income from labor is taxed aggressively. Income from wealth is spared. Dividends and capital gains are taxed much less and much easier to hide with shell companies and games. The best part is the army of lawyers that keep the IRS at bay and the army of accountants are a tax deductible business expense of the LLC that holds the shell companies that own the assets they don’t pay taxes on. Meanwhile you pay your single accountant with after tax money, We’re doing it wrong.
  14. Anything but a white roof in most states is nuts. Purdue has worked on an ultra white white. Don’t ignore the carbon footprint of all the replacement carburetors needed by inland boats and intermittently used equipment. The math is even worse.
  15. I figured it was a lower drag coefficient, so more critters fly over the car instead of spinning around in the turbulence from the grill and hood ornament, somersaulting over the canyon of the hidden windshield wipers to finally splat into the windshield. Shorter acting insecticides instead of ddt and malathion, longer growing seasons and disruption of the timing of predator / prey cycles (bugs hatch before birds migrate to eat them) might offset other changes in the absence of drought? I’m too lazy to see what the data says. Anybody?
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