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  1. Good choice. For those of us who grew up on print and are used to skimming pages to get to the heart of a matter, videos don’t always serve us well. I’m not going to wade through 25+ minutes of an unknown (to me) Vlogger to see if they have something interesting or entertaining to say. I suppose that numbers of views give some indication of what may be worth watching but even that isn’t always the case. There are far too many Vloggers who spend much of their time speaking to camera, particularly self-professed experts and explainers who fail to be concise. I won’t say what I think of
  2. I stubbed my toe and now the nail has gone a funny colour. Can I charge people to look at it? Just trying to get the thread back on track.
  3. Bull, Given that the official catalogue/catalog/Katalog with all the new developments is now available on the web, there’s not much scope for secrecy any more! Yes, the power take-off adapter or DC/DC converter is for using the 48V battery to do other useful stuff like pumping up an inflatable dinghy with a 12V pump. A UK distributor has even suggested that with hydro-generation and the DC/DC converter, the eProp battery could be used to recharge a boat’s 12V battery. See https://forums.ybw.com/index.php?threads/epropulsion-spirit-1-evo-hydrogenerator-in-ym.557173/post-7511576
  4. The new items will take a while to arrive and in some cases a long while. I suspect that some of them will be in high demand. For example, the next shipment to the UK may not be until March and German distributors mention April for items in the Katalog. A 12V power take-off adapter has been on the cards for several monthe and may not arrive until even later. I think that the folding prop may be the same.
  5. Yes, the propeller provides power but only above a certain speed. On the Spirit EVO it’s four knots. German VAT has been going up and down a bit recently but is normally 19%. The eProp 2021 catalogue has now been published - see https://issuu.com/epropulsion/docs/epropulsion_catalog_2021.
  6. Here’s the 2021 eProp catalogue, published yesterday https://issuu.com/epropulsion/docs/epropulsion_catalog_2021. It seems that the whole range has gone gearless and 48V with EVO versions available throughout.
  7. There’s a new version of the Pod coming out in the next few months, with hydro-generation through the propeller. There’s nothing official from eProp yet but a German distributor is showing bare bones details https://www.greenboatsolutions.de/en/shop/hersteller/4/ePropulsion.
  8. ePropulsion are about to announce the Spirit EVO, which is the same small electric outboard as before, but with hydro-generation capabilities through the propeller at speeds in excess of 4 knots. Also the throttle will be detachable instead of hinged and will be interchangeable with a remote control. Details have somehow leaked ahead of the official announcement - see this from a UK distributor Nestaway comment
  9. Now that eProp have moved the Spirit outboard battery from 40.7V to 48V, it too can be run on a variety of batteries. However, you can’t buy the outboard without its lithium battery - you could probably sell it to someone who needs a spare. Matagi’s link to the Haswing Ventura page has a toggle (top right) between German and English language versions. Choose the English version and you get the page......in German. I don’t take it personally.
  10. Yup, I have the small ePropulsion with the integrated and demountable battery, the Spirit 1.0 Plus. I previously had a Torqeedo 1003 for several years, which pissed me off with its whiny gearbox noise, plasticky fittings and temperamental electrical connections. I was pleased to get rid of it (and a Mariner 6hp) and use the cash to buy the eProp, which has a direct drive, gearless and therefore silent motor and a MUCH bigger battery. I can’t see where you’re based but eProp have taken off in the UK despite only having a few dealers. Word has mostly spread by mouth on forums like this a
  11. Turaco III, a Bay Raider 20, resting off the island of Corfu, Greece.
  12. Having been a somewhat disgruntled owner of a noisy Torqeedo 1003 (with two extra batteries) and now a much happier owner of an ePropulsion Spirit Plus (with the new solar controller), I think that they were comprehensively overtaken two years ago. ePropulsion was founded by ex-Torqeedo managers who obviously thought, and subsequently found, that they could do better at the lower end of the range. Torqeedo have been spending a lot of effort and money developing seriously big electric motor systems, such as new 50 and 100 kW saildrives. However, they have neglected the smaller outboards exce
  13. Torqeedo had never made a profit when they were acquired by Deutz two years ago. Their financial tribulations appear to continue. I think that they’re suffering from competition from ePropulsion and perhaps the cost of moving up the scale into much larger saildrive motors. They have a new(ish) CEO “with a focus on improving profitability”, presumably at Deutz’s behest. Torqeedo could start by improving their smaller recreational product line. The announcement of new products for 2021 is unexciting for small boat owners. There’s a direct drive version of the Travel 1103’s less powerfu
  14. One BayRaider with a crew of three managed to sail back to the marina under jib and mizzen. I thought that we were too close to the lee shore to get the boat reefed down quickly and so relied on the motor to claw our way upwind while we sorted ourselves out. With hindsight and more experience, we might have got back under jib and mizzen too but it’s not always easy to make the right decisions when confronted with the (very) unexpected.
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