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  1. https://www.zerohedge.com/economics/japan-set-release-12-million-tons-radioactive-fukushima-water-ocean-causing-immeasurable
  2. I was inspired by Duncan Ross and Beto Pandiani when they crossed Drake Passage in an open beachcat ,so I bought a tornado, put wing seats on her and log about 1000 miles a summer cruising about the Salish Sea
  3. it reminds me of the beautiful Beluga whale. Powerful hull shape on its own but maybe not so necessary with major foil appendages. ..perhaps?!
  4. Surely Sodebo has broken something to pull a 180 and head for Rio ,reaching at only 16 knots
  5. Assuming they know how to sail a beachcat, no.
  6. I sail a Tornado with wings about the Salish Sea and would recommend one for coastal cruising/racing. They're small enough to manage on the beach yet large enough for 2 people and gear. Quite a few about and reasonably-priced too.
  7. Jeezuz, for a bunch of so called anarchists looking at pictures of tits I'm starting to think some of you are perhaps catholic priests
  8. Ya, fastest I've gone in a monohul ...so far. It was at night too! Totally soaked with everyone at the back of the bus.
  9. Por Favor is a lifting feel with modified rudder based outta Sydney, B.C. and owned by John Denny. They won their div in the Pac Cup a few years ago. I've got a fixed keel 33 called Thriller that's parked on VancouverIsland at present. Not sure what the hull #'s are
  10. We clocked 23.5 on my buddies 33 ,Por Favor, aka Pour Some More ,at Swiftsure a bunch of years ago. What a blast!
  11. James, Stewart and Andrew Robinson at Compass Adventures in Comox, Vancouver Island ,B.C., Canada have been sailing a couple of them for the last few years. https://www.compassadventure.ca/
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