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  1. do those women prefer stay on land..likely so. Build houses for 'em. Sounds boring after all...Pets, vegetables, babies.
  2. be careful ..she might eat you that baba looks nice!
  3. Cross BF and Rimas and we get an interesting child! no, it is a torture....
  4. my boat has no mainsheet track but strops (3 points) then add vang. The guy who built it did skipper a Clippers earlier. I luv the simplicity!!!
  5. That was good paraphrase from nitty gritty dirt band last week .. Hillary and Trump are lost at sea on a life raft. Who is saved? ... . ... . America. . I wish the liferaf was big enough to fit the whole gov!
  6. show some respect for weed 70years old weed plant. It would be something. Plenty of golden trichromes.
  7. A weed plant sailing round the world. Photosynthetizinf
  8. Indeed. That knife would fit on dinghy Mirror. Same shape lol
  9. Keep using Pogo hard. She likes it best.
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