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  1. The correct title is “ I fucked Ann Coulter in the ass. Hard”.
  2. You know what the best part of getting oral sex from her is? the 10 minutes of silence.
  3. I order to fake a brain injury you need to already have a brain injury.
  4. Hell, the DoD told the Limeys they didn’t stand a chance of taking the Falklands back.
  5. Meh. Just another nutty ho checking out.
  6. The Brits haven’t kicked any ass since they bitch slapped the Argies. Way overdue.
  7. Biden is a genius. Sit in his basement all year, sleep most of the time and win the presidency!
  8. I like the luggage rack on the upper deck.
  9. And he more than likely has a favorite stall in the men’s bathroom at the bus station, where he takes a “wide stance”
  10. The war last about 10-20 minutes. My money is on the Limey’s.
  11. I think he rode to school on the short bus.
  12. I’m still waiting for his infrastructure plan. It was one of his 2016 campaign pledges.
  13. I’ve been thinking about downsizing. What’s the rent on that. Parking included? And how’s the neighborhood.
  14. I’ve seemed to have forgotten where I put my freedom, a wood-ye.
  15. If this douche bag came into an anchorage I was in I’d leave just as soon as I could.
  16. Disaster! Where are the hand holds?
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