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  1. Who else is looking forward to the commissioning of the USS Drumpf.
  2. Lazy jacks should be pulled fwd to the mast when hoisting the main. They should stay there while sailing and pulled back and deployed only when dropping main. Period.
  3. Sippy cup Joe can barely speak. Come on man!
  4. Older boom. Was built by Starcraft 1992 for Windward Passage.
  5. That’s (one) of the most idiotic things I’ve ever seen on a boat.
  6. I’m afraid you’re going to lose some points for that one.
  7. Brokers, for the most part, are humps. Glorified flooring salesmen.
  8. Shit. Who's next, Abe Vigota?
  9. Cotter pins. Properly sized for the hole it’s going. Trimmed to length, ends filed smooth and bent open approximately 20%.
  10. I thought it’s now called the “Fauci / Communist Virus”. This week anyway.
  11. But it’s got “multi-hulls”.
  12. Hobos have been extinct since about 1966. The’re called “dirtbags” now.
  13. But the knees will go.
  14. $90.00/ft/month in some marinas
  15. You forgot to add the he would like to date his daughter.
  16. A lawyer? Stealing a clients money? That’s never happened before.
  17. Bart’s a barrel of laughs after his first 6 pack.
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