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  1. Thank God the Yanks came along to save your asses.
  2. She’s killed once. She may kill again. Buckle up buckeroos.
  3. Great cover of a true country classic.
  4. I’m old school. I still go for the “hot wax” special at the local car wash.
  5. Wow. This is like when the Jesus said to Sky Father: “Yea, O mighty one. Forgive him, for he knowth not what he doesth or sayth”.
  6. Let’s hope the Broker was on board.
  7. Hey, you ever thought about cutting BB’s moratorium in half? You know like for each day served one day off his sentence. He has been a very good boy so far. Besides, it’s getting a little thin with the Right wing in here.
  8. I can’t imagine the horror the parents went through having to identify the bodies. It turns my stomach to this day.
  9. Yeah, some of those kids, who weigh what 60 - 70 lbs took 10 rounds. 223 caliber from 40-50 ft. The best cleanup tool would have been a pastry scraper.
  10. I rather vote for Woddy Harrelson.
  11. The chicks aren’t gonna dig that.
  12. Says the man with the largest coke spoon collection in North America.
  13. So the Pope, a bear and a Polish type person walk into a bar. I’ll let my buddy Eddie finish this one.
  14. Not sure about the boat, but that’s the most emaciated crew I’ve ever seen.
  15. Last I heard (7-10) years ago was it was somewhere in Scandinavia undergoing a total rebuild that came to a halt. It was also back to its original name Simba. I was part of the delivery crew when it went to Florida in 1980. Nice ride!
  16. Remember Drumpf and his “stop the steal” speech?
  17. Shithole Rep from a shithole state.
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