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  1. Leftovers: smashed roasted potatoes and pablano chili tacos with sides of black beans, guacamole, fresh pico de gallo and homemade tortillas. Modelo frio.
  2. Nice nautical library. But I don’t see the Holy Grail of sailing books. Royce’s Sailing illustrated. I’ll assume it’s on the boat for quick reference while underway.
  3. Taco Bell is much better now. 30-40 minutes before you get the squirts.
  4. The gold platers in my Harbor use a 2 step prosess to polish SS. Step one use Jose. Step 2 use hose B. Hat,coat.
  5. I see what you did there. Channeling Mr Snags. Well done.
  6. The dealership talked me into upgrading to ceramic muffler bearings. Expensive? Yes but good for the life of the car. It’s a Ridgeline.
  7. If you don’t want to die sell the boat.
  8. If you tell Jesus you’re sorry doesn’t that fix if?
  9. Wait.......what? Nothing about the blacks being lazy?
  10. Not a Chinese gybe but a nice round up.
  11. Right. A big glass of bleach nips this Covid thing in the bud.
  12. Week and a half ago I was able to book my Vaccine shot for the 15th. Was getting the J&J but it was 23 miles from my house. Last Friday evening I was able to book a shot for yesterday only 3 miles away. Lucky me.
  13. Got my first Pfizer this morning. My arm hurt for about 2 minutes. All good after that.
  14. I’m looking forward to the corking. Whatever that is.
  15. I’d like to explore her cornhole.
  16. Nothing wrong with a little fuzzy. Through in a little warm and it’s all good. I get my first Pfizer dose Monday morning.
  17. Gaetz is about as harmless as a chronic 13 year old masterbater. Bring back the good old days when a sitting Senator could drive off a bridge, drunk and kill his passenger. And not only get off Scott free but also get re elected. Greatest Country Ever!
  18. I sure wish there was a “ Limey Cunts” anarchy section. Then I could put whole thing on ignore.
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