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  1. For the 2020 race, set a rectangular way point race. 15 miles out, turn right 300 down, turn right 15 miles in, turn right 300 miles back up to Sydney. The Oatley Trophy for line honours, the Halvorson trophy for overall. Have the presentations on the Opera house steps, for distancing. Channel 7 have to have a large silver boat doing something. Sadly I don't think anything can be done for the small traders of Hobart/Tasmania.
  2. Conny van Rietschoten sailed one across the North Sea to attend a championships back in middle ages I recall reading as a lad. Faaaaaarrrkkk.
  3. Well I fucked that up delux, Ceramco purchased by an Australian?
  4. Spray. Captain Slocum could not have stayed at the helm all the time.
  5. Great Concept, but the rules on boat choice makes no sense. How Can you get a sponsor without a legal boat?, How can you get a legal boat to get in shape without a sponsor? The understanding I have is Don wants the boats to finish together, very little stragglers on each leg. If you want to win it, simple, get a hold of Ceramco New Zealand, It's right on length at 68ft, it'll be allowed in as it's from the 81-82 race.The biggest boat legal of the last edition of the race to be allowed. Plenty of people said it was as fast as Flyer II. Length rules say that Great Britain I
  6. Go retro, IOR division pls. Hose the eurojizz of Freight Train.
  7. Frers 50, Jubilation? Pretty clear cut port and starboard with Helsal 3 in the 1987 race film on the YouTube. Where is she now?
  8. If you look at Rob Mundle’s 50th anniversary doco, during the end montage, you’ll see Evelyn (the 55fter) with her mast broken. It’s Evelyn during the gale swept 1984 race. You can see the hinge in the mast as the still attached stump heaves up and down.
  9. There was an Evelyn Farr 40. Australian Maid was 55ft.
  10. Farr design 136 was the breakthrough after the rating band was lifted to 30.5ft. Pacific Sundance(r) nearly won in 1983.and Indian Pacific did in 1984.
  11. I don’t know who built Evelyn. She sunk in an Albany race.
  12. Nadia iv was built for Ron Clark in Perth. I think she then I believe went to the Canberra Ocean racing club sailed by Teki Dalton, who was pretty big into the safety side of the Hobart race. I think it even sailed one year with an all girls crew. She used to have a kick arse paint job. There were quite a few of them around at the time. Evelyn, prime suspect, finesterre , Nadia iv.
  13. Pilgrim and Mark Twain came out the same shed. Pilgrim was built first, the moulds were then used for Mark Twain, and left inside for extra strength. Tim Ratten from Esperance owned Pilgrim right up to 1989, when Jon Sanders bought it and renamed it Perie Banou III. He once told me that he felt "The mast step needs beefing up".
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