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  1. Respectfully, not so sure I would agree with not mixing both clutches and actually I'd recommend that. Maybe just try one for a while and see how you like it. If you have the double or triple spinlock clutches then you're committed to replacing the set of 2 or 3. Super easy to swap out and add more later since they fit the same holes as your spinlocks. I think most people who've tried them like the constrictors better but I'm sure there's more than a few people who for various reasons don't. Would suck to buy 10 of them and find out you like the spinlocks better. New crew will need a
  2. I can say with 100% absolute certainty and first hand experience that you will not have to drill new holes, the constrictor clutch will fit right into the existing spinlock clutch holes. It should even accept the same diameter fasteners. Distance between holes for the spinlock XTS is 70mm, the constrictor clutch can have a hole distance anywhere between 70mm and 90mm. The only extra work you may need to do is find an attachment point for the shock cord. If you don't want to drill a new hole for a hard attachment point and depending on location, you should be able to just tie off a sm
  3. Everything else looks exactly the same as mine except for a drum instead of continuous line system. With regards to the one I own it's a high quality product and works well. I recommend it without hesitation. For what your client wants to use it for I see no reason why it wouldn't work very well. If I had to do it over again I would even seriously consider the model you're looking at with the drum conventional furler vs. the continuous I currently own.
  4. I have one on a 36' boat. I like it and it works well. The continuous furler line needs to be sized just right otherwise it will either slip if too small or create too much friction while furling if too big. I went through a few different setups for bringing the line back and cleating it off but I have a really good system now. That's prob more of a personal issue than an issue with the furler though. The system doesn't furl quite as easily as a traditional furler but it's not really a significant issue. Other than that I like it and would definitely get it again on my next boat.
  5. The definition of cruiser is the crux of this question. Some very good boats named so far but none of which I would consider to be very good cruisers (or good racers) and that wouldn't be an absolute hate mission to spend a week on. I'm sure some of you psychopaths have probably spent a month on a J/88 and enjoyed it but that doesn't mean it's right. I'd like to propose a criteria for cruiser: A boat you could easily convince your wife/husband/significant other/boyfriend/girlfriend/sheep/goat or other favorite farm animal to spend at least 4 days on with you without wanting to kill each oth
  6. Everything @Max Rockatansky said. It's usually easier to pull the line through instead of pushing it and often if the end of the line has a bulky whipping it won't fit through. If you don't want to go through the trouble of splicing a reeving eye you can also take a needle and just stitch a strong piece of thread through the end of the line and use that to pull it through.
  7. Meh, crew too experienced and not enough inexperienced crew in bikini's to make it interesting. And how do these two think they'll ever make it in this business without a patreon or gofundme page? They're relying on skill and hard work instead? That's just silly. But besides that fantastic video!
  8. You're friend is an evil genius and I love it! So many things could be done with this technique. Boy bands at full blast, death metal, Right Said Fred "I'm too sexy" or maybe just a prerecorded voice yelling "Starboard! Starboard! Starboard!" or a simple recording of 5 horns from a container ship played at just the right moment.
  9. Meh, the internet is probably worse than pub banter and if everything was fact checked and absolutely true this place would have tumbleweeds blowing through each room and be a ghost town. The banter makes things interesting!
  10. But if you can’t torture the crew with 8 days straight 24/7 of Johnny Cash’s ‘Boy named Sue’ then what’s the point?
  11. Interesting observation, I guess a good boat gives you a chance to win every race, the rest is up to the knuckleheads sailing the boat. Also has me wondering if a top level crew could win on a 6ksb. Would be a very interesting experiment.
  12. Most likely all of the JPK's in the Fastnet are from the JPK boatyard in Larmor-Plage France unless it's a newer boat owned by someone from Australia. If I remember correctly the JPK Pacific boats in Australia relationship just started 3 or 4 years ago? Jean-Pierre is still running the show in France and building boats there. 'Leon', the 1030 is owned by Jean-Pierre although he didn't race this year and Sunrise is a UK boat which was built in France. Couldn't agree more! They are very special boats, though admittedly I'm biased because I own one. Build quality is 2nd to none and i
  13. The JPK 38 "Fast Cruiser" would fit much of your criteria and used ones seem to be within your price range. Top notch build quality & design and as a racer you'll most definitely appreciate how it sails even if you're just in 'set it and forget it' cruising mode. The interior has everything you need to be comfortable while cruising but it does have a European simple/minimalist approach so maybe not for everyone. Pogo and maybe Dehler probably have similar offerings but I'm not personally familiar enough with those to recommend specific models. Review of the JPK 38FC here if you're
  14. Disclaimer: Not my video and I don't know the boat or people onboard, this just happened to show up on my YouTube feed. I thought it showed a great example of a MOB. Scary to watch, gave me a lump in my throat just sitting on the couch watching and shows how fast shit can go south. Sure, there's a few things they could have done differently but overall I thought the crew did a good job under the conditions. Knowing what to do in a classroom, in flat seas, warm water, 5 knots of wind and knowing you're about to practice a MOB drill I'm sure is very different than when it actually happens.
  15. Unfortunately we used up all the wind during Spin Cup. No one told us we had to share with the other two races.
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