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  1. Best case scenario is definitely having a working US sensor like yours which is why I was really excited about it but I ended up with a $500 paper weight. Agree with your comments regarding the hassle of having to pull the paddle wheel after every sail and in some boats that's more of a project than others. For me, I just see it as part of the maintenance associated with owning a boat. If you want accurate information from your instruments and you're using a paddle wheel it needs to be cleaned and pulled every time. Definitely a hassle but worth it. Even if you don't do that the fix is rea
  2. I had one that came with my boat, worked great for a couple weeks then all of the sudden hardly ever worked. Went back to the time tested, old school paddle wheel and haven't had a problem since. Nothing more frustrating than having thousands of dollars in boat electronics made completely worthless by one malfunctioning sensor. Like DDW mentioned, some people never have any problems and swear by them, others have many problems. Seems like a great idea in theory and I was really excited about mine at first. Unfortunately ours did not fall into the same category as DDW's. One thing is for s
  3. Ok that's pretty funny. I came for the sailing and rude banter, I'm staying for the grammar! Given Dogwatch's grammatical errors , how do we know we didn't just discover one of Snags sock puppets or maybe even his true identity?
  4. Really interesting video, feel like I'm a little smarter now. Make no mistake, I'm still firmly planted in full retard mode, just a little less so now. This video is proof there's nothing on the planet humans can't and won't completely blow up and destroy. Sad to see they chopped all the redwoods down too. "Oh cool, look at these incredible trees, lets fuck-em up!"
  5. I think it's safe to say the videos were nearly unanimously considered to be incredibly well done, entertaining and informative. You had a great presence in the videos and Justin's work was incredibly professional. Seems like often times it's just dumb luck and being in the right place at the right time in the YouTube algorithms to grow the way you need to maintain the series. It certainly didn't have anything to do with lack of quality. Super bummed we're not getting to see more but I can fully appreciate how much time and energy it takes to make the video without enough in return other t
  6. If a mast falls in the forest and no one is there to see it did it really happen?
  7. That's correct. Winds were 30-40, seas 10-14 with occasional breaking waves. We were on another boat close by and were on standby, circling around the Moore until the CG arrived. It was around midnight because shit like this only ever happens in the middle of the night. The Moore was concerned about losing radio signal with the antenna and mast being in the water and only a handheld VHF backup. We circled around the Moore for about 3 or 4 hours until the CG showed up. The crew of the Moore stayed on the boat overnight w/ the CG on standby until the morning when they were airlifted out and
  8. Send an email to JPK (jpk.composites@wanadoo.fr), you'll likely here directly from Jean-Pierre (the 'JP' in 'JPK') who can give you all the info you'll need. Typically he responds within 24 hours or so unless he's really busy or out of town. JPK doesn't use dealers, they only sell directly although just recently they've started a "JPK Pacific" relationship with boats being built and sold in Australia but that probably doesn't help us here in the U.S. too much. As of a year ago there were only two JPK's in all of North America, my 1080 in SF Bay and another 1080 in New York. I could
  9. This seller is FIRM at $2K so it must be a good deal and you better buy it now before he cleans it up and raises the price! I'm calling bullshit, which one of you juvenile delinquents posted this ad as a joke? https://goldcountry.craigslist.org/boa/d/el-dorado-hills-26-clipper-marine-with/7292359415.html
  10. Santana 20 is a good light air lake boat. Not nearly as much interior as a Santana 23 but enough to get by if you're not looking for first class accommodations
  11. Same thing happened to us a few years ago, tylaska snap shackles on the spin sheets popped open 3 times over the course of a few months. 1st time, “that’s odd” 2nd time “hmm happened again, weird” 3rd time “ ok this is now more than a random freak occurrence, I’m using soft shackles”. Been a few years since we made the switch and haven’t had a problem since. Not once have they accidentally opened. Soft shackles are very easy to make, find a YouTube video and you’ll have about 30 soft shackles for the price of one tylaska. You also won’t have those metal little mini wrecking bal
  12. Both the Harken and Seldon stanchion leads will have some friction associated with them, maybe not too big of a deal if it's a straight shot back to the cockpit but not insignificant either. I had the harkens which I didn't like, then went to just friction rings big enough for both ends of the continuous line to run through which I found worked better. But later I changed it again to the spinlock WL/2 stanchion leads which is the best I've found as it basically acts as a block with almost no friction. The spinlock isn't a great option if you'll be taking the line in and out of the fairlead
  13. Depending on your budget and what you consider important South Beach Harbor might be another place to consider. If your main focus is keeping costs down forget it but if you want a really fun vacation/floating apartment location South Beach might be worth considering. It's not too far from the Oakland Airport and probably about the same distance as Richmond. South Beach is in a nice part of downtown in SF with tons of entertainment, restaurants, shops, etc. all within easy walking distance. It's more expensive than the other options mentioned but it's also a fantastic location for things
  14. I feel like the video is missing a central message and meaning. It's still not clear to me if I should or shouldn't drill a thousand holes in the deck.
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