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  1. So what I don't get is the inability of anyone from either side to step off the dogma that justifies the decision they have made. There is lots of conflicting data and likely there will continue to be so. It will take time to really understand the long term implications of both Covid19 and the vaccines and until then most of us have made a decision for ourselves but damn it all, can't you still be curious?
  2. Based on a microscopic sample, I had 4 friends have heart attacks last spring and I cannot remember any heart attacks among friends/connections going back more than 10 years. It did give me pause but did not stop me getting my second vaccination.
  3. Hey Everybody, thanks for taking the time to respond. We can drop the kite effectively but it does vary depending on who is doing for foredeck job and we are a bunch of older guys none of whom is anxious to stand up on the bow and struggle when things go wrong. In particular we struggle when someone is away and we switch up the jobs. I have considered a tack line drop and we do have the correct type shackle for the job but it looks to me like we would then have to re-arrange the kite below where pulling the sail down from the middle means she will go right back up. Have I got this w
  4. J/88 with a pretty big A2 and principally racing W/L short courses. We have a group of guys sailing the boat but everyone has lives and we are unable to have a regular foredeck person so douses in particular can be slower than we would like. I have friends who successfully use a retrieval line running from the middle of the kite down through the foredeck hatch then back inside the boat to a block near the stern of the cabin so they can haul on that line to douse. What are the reasons this kind of system is not in more common use? I see the TP-52's use them and am wondering why I shouldn'
  5. We are at the precise place that I find so infuriating about the various arguments about Covid and Vaccination. Stating these things without the benefit of magnitude prolongs the debate on pointless areas of the topic. Stop trying to manage people's conclusions and give us some semblance of useful information. This is aimed at both sides of the topic.
  6. I laughed when the Bar Karate guys said the results would have added $ 200,000.00 to the value of the boat. I thought this earlier item might have validated it but no prices. Anyone know what they are asking? Anyone have any opinion on the potential increase in value due to the wonderful race results?
  7. Tubby, though I enjoy learning the RRS and the implications of them I cannot consider myself any kind of expert. My point was that it appears the gap between the intended race course and results was caused by the second last leg (perhaps it is the last leg as I am not sure if the buoy outside the harbor was a mark for the course or not) and the conditions experienced there. Some of the boats transited this leg in good breeze at a nice angle and others in less perfect conditions causing the relative elapsed times quite different from the turn to the south and the crossing of the start-fin
  8. I have wondered this also and recollect there is a buoy just north of the harbor entrance the tracks all turn around which would have been a great alternative finish point. Perhaps there was a way to capture the accurate times the boats rounded the mark they chose as the revised finish... I can really relate the the idea of having the finish inside the harbor and the dangers inherent in expecting boats to sail in there just for the show. Hard spot for all to be but perhaps it could have been anticipated and hopefully will be next time.
  9. Wow, I assumed that the bag, tubing, and other pieces (not peel ply) would be cleaned and re-used. IS the principle advantage of infusion that you use less resin and therefore lower boat cost and weight?
  10. Sure there are women for whom this would be insulting and some who are not concerned about the head. If we stepped back from the woke elements of this, I would guess the VAST majority of the women participating in the decision to purchase a boat like this would make these elements a big part of the decision.
  11. Thanks for your thoughts, now I must retire to consider them. Your last sentence is in alignment with my instincts but I am horrified at the thought.
  12. OK, suppose they refuse to treat your heart attack because you are fat and don't go the gym enough. Don't get me wrong, though I understand those who don't want to get vaccinated, I think there are/should be costs related to their decision. This solution seems like one of those costs they should bear but I cannot imagine the fallout if we started this. All you folks should imagine your kids finding room in their hearts to pay into a national pension plan to support you if they don't believe they will ever be able to access it themselves. Sorry for the thread drift.
  13. I love the message. He does not advocate enhancing or ignoring the risks but living your life while among them.
  14. Supposing the slippery slope is started down, can you imagine having to prove your lung cancer was not caused by smoking?
  15. 'particularly inscrutable' is pure gold!
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