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  1. "since your lies and fictions have done so much to increase transmission of this disease." This is what I was referencing and why I had it in the quote at the top of what I wrote. I believe many people are becoming aware of the positioning and slant on data that has gone on in pursuit of scaring us into behaving better. To be clear I am not sure I wouldn't try to scare people too if I was my job to set policy. Look at the number of people seemingly afraid of the AZ drug now despite many knowledgeable physicians and other scientists saying there is no reason not to take it for
  2. So is herd immunity the reason for missing the spike many other regions have seen?
  3. I am no denier nor would I even remotely suggest that Covid19 can't kill you. It boggles my mind that we would give so little credit to the minds of our citizens and such great credit to the influence of various voices. Muzzling dissenting viewpoints gives them credibility in my view and takes credibility away from those seeking to shout anyone down. Please go about promoting true facts properly given context and weight and most of us will see the light. The rest of the people choosing another path delight in your efforts to quiet their voice.
  4. For what it it worth, I just had the tranny go out of a 6 year old Dodge minivan and when the woman who drives it said I have had the recommended transmission flush done the mechanic at the transmission shop said "never let anyone flush your transmission". Only cost me $3100 instead of the $5200 estimate from the dealer for a remanufactured one.
  5. One of the issues we face is the broadness of the policy initiatives. Don't get me wrong, I am glad it wasn't me writing them, but seemingly the authors took the safest and simplest ways to act and therefore some of the abuse/pushback is due to the lack of sensibility in them. It does not make sense to treat a fully inoculated person who spent the winter in Florida to someone who has not had a shot at all. Not prioritizing those who have to go out to work every day for shots over other factors is nonsensical after you inoculate the truly vulnerable. Not prioritizing teachers is the stupi
  6. Is anyone doing an analysis of the presence of antibodies in pursuit of some answers? Certainly the variants which are more infectious can skew results when they are present but are we starting to have something approaching herd immunity in some situations? Immunity being comprised of resolved cases, immunizations, and asymptomatic cases now resolved? Early last year I read that New York had done some antibody testing and estimated that somewhere around 20% of people tested had antibodies. Wondering where we stand these days as the climb in case counts does not make intuitive sense
  7. Is this not expected if the cases are rising dramatically? If we hadn't vaccinated or killed off all the vulnerable the deaths would be doubling and tripling like the cases.
  8. BE, we have not had anything like a lockdown though we have had mask and social distancing rules in place. One of the significant issues is the number of people not wearing masks in some settings. Having family over for a birthday or other celebrations is often cause to go without masks and there are job sites where the people working do not wear their masks finding them intrusive or stretching the rules to say they are outside and distanced. I believe masks and lockdowns whether partial or complete are effective but certainly the data tells us they are not completely working. There is a
  9. In all sincerity, and not being in either camp, why is having Covid not enough to qualify for a passport. Would have a positive antibody test be enough in your view? Dan
  10. Why is that Mid? Has there been some change to the data? Is it the risk of re-infection, distrust of the original diagnosis, or something else? The last number I heard was as recent as a few weeks ago saying the number of people who have been re-infected with Covid, world wide, was about 50 people. Dan
  11. Curious about the keel re-alignment. How far out was it and were you trying to solve a performance problem? There was a bunch of work done by a J/99 owner on problems of significant differences from port to starboard tacks and I wondered, after reading this if that might be a problem there? Last I read they centered up the top of the mast and it was much better but this prompted me to wonder. Dan
  12. I have certainly seen that as an option but I cannot escape the rules coming back and would be committing to 14 days quarantine on return.
  13. Piper, I have been thinking about this kind of sail since seeing one on this forum on a Sunfast 3300. They call it their J1 and it looks like a jib tacked to the sprit. Do you have any idea of the impact on your phrf handicap? Also, are you ok with the luff tension off the sprit or have you rigged up a bobstay?
  14. Don't you already have to show proof of vaccinations for lots of things when travelling to lots of countries?
  15. For sure I am ready! I would love to go to Boston to look at a new boat but cannot handle the 14 day quarantine when I get back. I am not at all certain how long it will take till they remove the quarantine here in Canada, but I can guess that you will have to have both shots plus some waiting time. At less than 60 years old I am not eligible for the first shot even if they had it.
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