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  1. Not in the same league as a GB90 but this looks like an interesting somewhat lightweight and somewhat affordable cruising option - nice narrow hulls but bridge deck clearance listed at 24" though - seems extremely low for a 47' cat? Also no walkaround berths though so not sure if my wife would go for it. https://www.catamaransite.com/catamarans-for-sale/mayotte-47/?photos=true
  2. Really happy with my mooring in America's Cup Harbor! Just installed a Spectra Venture 200T watermaker with 6 months of savings.
  3. With that much solar and storage I'd seriously consider replacing one of the diesels with an electric. Lots more $$ and certainly not economically rational, but it would allow you to greatly reduce the amount of diesel engine run time. 4kW of solar fits on a 39' cat? Would love to see pics of the array if you've got them handy.
  4. There are only one or two worthwhile spots to drop a lunch hook in San Diego Bay IMHO, and honestly she's so docile in our typical conditions it's fine to eat underway. We typically head out to sea on a starboard tack, munching on sandwiches as we sail past Point Loma, enjoy the open ocean for a while, tack whenever we're ready, crack open a beer and make our way home. Easy peasy and a very pleasant afternoon. We'll be out again tomorrow.
  5. A couple of other potentially salient observations from DSFOPv1.0 based on this thread trajectory Mainsheet/traveler arrangements: Alerion 28 got this just right. Traveler abaft of the cockpit, out of the way but there if you want to pull strings - just where the backstay tension adjustment is. Jib sheets can also be easily led to the skipper with the self-tacker, so very easy to make adjustments to sail trim without moving around at all. Head has not been used once so far in six months. In theory this was an important consideration. In practice, we're out for 2-3hrs max an
  6. Zero problems, 100% guaranteed. You can change your name to Bucket Cruiser. If you want to get fancy, you can even get a seat for it.
  7. As the proud OP on DFOPv1.0 I'll offer the following comments: Sit-in vs sit-on is, as others mentioned, a good thing to get straightened out sooner rather than later as it simplifies the search. I gotta say, the self-tacker on the A28 we ended up with is pretty trick. That's another one where if you want it, your search is simplified We spent a lot of time debating Inboard vs outboard. Really love the inboard we got; I can't imagine my folks messing with an outboard. Electric would be even better. I just got an e-propulsion spirit for our tender & it's fantastic -
  8. No it's the first 20% of the build that takes 80% of the money. It goes up from there.
  9. So your guess is right in line with Leo's two year estimate
  10. https://www.yachtworld.com/boats/2004/herreshoff-bounty-3837369/ Wow. Good candidate for the CEO of Epifanes.
  11. You could fit them both side by side in a single standard 60' slip! Economical! I love it as well. It's bonkers. I bet it'll be an absolute blast.
  12. I dunno. It's both admirable and tragic that a guy with the skills to make a boat like that would set out to realize his dream at the age of 68, and lose the race with time after 18 years. I couldn't see putting this vessel in the "admirable" category overall though unless I was confident in its seaworthiness. In the below shot it has a different forestay, with a furling jib that appears to intersect the radar tower. I think I'd like it a lot more if it didn't have a rig, added naiad stabilizers, and was painted a different color.
  13. Anyone posted this yet? https://www.sailboatlistings.com/view/90809 There seems to be some pretty good craftsmanship employed to questionable ends. And that rig... I keep thinking it is a motorboat with a sailboat passing distantly to leeward.
  14. Hey! We love our trawler, but I understand the hate. We'd love a multihull but would be talking about probably 4-5x the purchase price and they suck motoring into a swell, which we do a lot here in SoCal. The trawler is far more comfortable for that I find. Maybe thinking of the condo cats as modern day motorsailers makes some sense - I spent a long time looking at a Cal 46, and the design brief of a Lagoon 38 or 42 seems somewhat similar (though again, at 4-5x the price)
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