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  1. Day after last 4th of July I chatted with a dock mate of mine was in the process of figuring out that somebody had, unbeknownst to him, VRBO'ed (or something) his 55' motor yacht for a party. Luckily they were pretty considerate and mostly cleaned up after themselves. There are many local boats whose owners wouldn't figure it out for months or even years.
  2. Oh… I’m not surprised but it had been on the market for quite a while. maybe dodged a bullet… few more years and maybe I’ll be ready for something like that. Thanks for all the comments all & happy thanksgiving!
  3. This looks like a pretty bad-ass platform, maybe a dream boat for me tho I'm not really in a position to move a boat like this through the canal and up the coast, or undertake what would surely be a pretty extensive refit, new sails, rigging, etc. I keep coming back to it though. Looks like only two were built. The wife likes all the cabins. I like the daggerboards. Might be able to claw up and down the Pac Coast in some modicum of comfort. Really just tire kicking but curious what the SA brain trust thinks of this vessel... https://www.yachtworld.com/yacht/1991-catana-48-7829763/
  4. Movable ballast! Just like yacht racing really.
  5. Don't know anything about the Elco outboards other than what's on their website. I am not sure why they look so much like gasoline outboards. ePropulsion uses much bigger props to take advantage of the torque characteristics of electric motors, for example. I agree that it's a decision that needs to be made carefully (I have an epropulsion Spirit for my RIB) - they are great in the right situation but have drawbacks that need to be understood. The 20hp Elco is listed at 8.4kW input power, and at 48V will be pulling 175amps - that's a shitload of current and will require a serious bat
  6. We put a C-head on our Beneteau 405, and have two Airheads on the CHB 41 trawler. C-head is simpler & cheaper, the Airhead is more expensive but a better design & more attractive.
  7. Our 40' Beneteau First 405 had one of those silly 9gal or so tanks, and a looong line from the head to the tank; maybe 12 feet. I'd read Peggy Smith's book on pumping enough to clear the lines so they don't permeate - you'd get maybe three or four flushes. My first cruise ever I figured out what happens with the 10th gallon - it's not pretty. Reading this thread makes me happier than ever with my decision to go with a composting head. Now have two of them on our trawler, and spend 6 weeks with 7-9 aboard and no gross stories.
  8. I like the idea as well, but I’d check w Leo before buying. He might already have an idea - could always donate the $$ if so. Happy to contribute.
  9. I concur with the 300A crowd. My Ford Lehman 120 (6cyl, 5.4l) draws that much for a short but measurable period. Seems conservative for your 1/2 sized engine.
  10. I'm sure Tom will be re-assuring his next client that they're certainly one of the 30%. I picked the wrong career. Pocketing a 10% commission on a $10m yacht that people are desperate to buy sounds like a pretty good way to make a living. One more thought: the frustrating thing about this is that 95% boats that are being made are of little interest to me, which makes waiting for the next crash to buy a less appealing fantasy.
  11. Congrats & keep us updated on your progress. Hell of a boat you're buying.
  12. I like it too. Can you really get a new 47' US-built catamaran for $1m sailaway, even at basic spec? That's impressive. Also want to know where the tender goes.
  13. Do you even need the alternator for a short trip? Do you have a small flex solar panel? Might be nice to have as backup. You're not gonna get much juice from an internally regulated 35a alternator anyway unless you're motoring a ton.
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