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  1. Class 40 in build at Innovation Composites.
  2. No, this is a VO65 teams organised prologue. The actual TORE hasn't started yet. Its all just practice racing for those teams to try and get sorted for the race and not really a sad state of affairs.
  3. Just be careful in looking at numbers for sizing on winches. The Harken numbers refer to the power output, not just a size. 35.2STA radial Harken winches are only slightly larger than the old 16's, but give twice the output. They still make small winches, just the ratios are better.
  4. So is there a set of polars available anywhere for these boats in the foiling configuration? Its locked under VIP in Virtual Regatta? Can't see anything on Zezo relating to polars either.
  5. AdvantEdge is its original name from what I understand. It raced under "Ocean Skins" for a long time in Melbourne before it returned to PDYC in Northern Tassie. It wasnt ever a Wild Thing to my knowledge.
  6. Whats wrong with simply using a loop block that you can put on and off? https://www.harken.com.au/productdetail.aspx?id=4751&taxid=4846
  7. Marlow offer a full range as well. Tested with MWL/BL endorsed on the packs.
  8. For the IRC's you could use your existing certificate, or have a pre-endorsed certificate to come into effect on Jan 1 to replace your Hobart certificate. Therefore you cannot hold two certificates, but have been rerated to your inshore setup for the regatta. Ichi Ban, not changing to their inshore rig or similar ran with the same, however Zen, Celestial, Quest etc all had new certificates issued prior to the regatta for the inshore booms and sails. As confusing as it is to happen "mid regatta" as it were, its no different to IRC certificate rules anywhere else in the world.
  9. Hooligan was never going to the Hobart IRC championships. As much as it is a fun rumour for people to throw about, they were consulted and informed other owners of their non-attendance, therefore it makes the DIV 1 Syd-Hobart part of it making quite a bit more sense. As for certificates, you cannot have multiple. You will be racing inshore under your Hobart certificate, with one less kite that you have dropped that had to be nominated prior to starting the race south.
  10. Marlow have always claimed that a straight bury is stronger than a brummel in their testing. Advantage of a brummel is that it can never pull the splice, but it is akin to putting a knot in it, which as we all know reduces the load carrying capability. Maybe contact the manufacturer of whatever you are using to see if they have some test data.
  11. No, boats must race in the same configuration as what they did the Hobart. So unless the forecast is awfully light, she will be in offshore mode.
  12. Not a Hobartian, but Bellerive Yacht Club is certainly best for exactly what you are looking for. Friendly, welcoming active club with a great Bar.
  13. You certainly wont be able to see anything from Porto Cervo itself, and as already mentioned, the racing is not just 'out in front' of the marina. Your best bet is certainly to try and get on a RIB/Support boat to try and go and see it. Just remember to take a wet weather jacket if the mistral is blowing. I'm sure if you hang out in the clipper bar or Lord Nelson after racing any day, you can meet enough contacts to get you something.
  14. If its 15 years old it will be a MKIII furler, the precursor to the current model. Harken still make top plates for these. You just need to identify what Unit size you have to identify the right part number. Manuals found at the below: https://www.harken.com.au/article.aspx?id=18799
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