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  1. Go to J22.com, go to the forum, you my find some help there.
  2. Fun boat to sail. It's tricky to sail single hand. As Sailman said check the chain plates, also everything that goes through the hull and deck to see that what ever, is properly bedded, and backed. That means everything should be backed with a fender washer or backing plate with enough bedding compound (I like Boat Life) to prevent water seepage. This is most important on the Gudgeons and through hull on the stern. You will find the J22 is an easy boat to maintain and sail. The only real draw back that I have is, when I have to race PHRF, against bigger boats. And most the time the own
  3. It is in Article 1, Section 8, of the Constitution. In the 1980's the administration forced it to be run like a private business vs part of the government. And it's service has been going down since then. Now, we have DeJoy wreaking it more, (never mind his blatant conflict of interest, owning a shipping company that competes with the Post Office).
  4. You need to go to J22.com, it has all the specs and rules about the boat. The keel has some leeway fore and aft, but that's about it. The only major change is, the rules allow for a loose footed main.
  5. The 5G system has a tighter osculation and therefore does not have the range of earlier signal systems. But, because of the tighter osculation can carry more information at a higher speed, just not as far.
  6. Google Fi. $35 for first phone, $5 for each addon. Then $1 for each gig used. AND your good in over 100 countries at no extra.
  7. This Karen is a snowbird from Oregon. and is Texas trying to become Florida?? just look at our Governor, Lt. Governor and Attorney General, they are all busting ass in a race to last.
  8. Not surprised, Raytheon has been sitting on a west coast tsunami warning system for over three years now, that will tie into your cellphone.
  9. There is a real need to reinstate the Fairness in Broadcasting regulation, that Ronny Rayguns pushed through legislation to do away with in 1986. News outlets could only broadcast facts, if someone gave an opinion, the broadcaster had to give equal time to an opposing opinion. And it was made clear that it was only that individual persons opinion and not a fact.
  10. As someone who did bow for many years on a 105, your problem is timing. The helmsman needs to watch how fast the sail is pulled across, and time the turn accordingly. Also the release and the speed the sail comes across are important to preventing the tack line from looping under the bowsprit. Looping under the bowsprit can happen in fast and slow turns, and pulling in the tack line dose not stop the sail from looping under the bowsprit, it is all timing of where the sail is in the turn. And only practice will work out that problem.
  11. I am an old guy, that after I got out of the service in 1969, wrote a lot of letters to all my representatives,( local and federal), to lower the voting age and drinking age. I for one think all drugs should be available for the asking, at any pharmacy. After all, there are some very strong psychoactive drugs allow to advertise on TV. Anyway the drinking age was lowered to 18, and in Texas, weed was lowered to a misdemeanor for small amounts. Them in 1981 Ronny RayGun became president. Nancy pushed her Alzheimer's brain husband into pushing, the Highway Safety Act, through congress, th
  12. I have friend that owns a Outremer 51. He sailed it in the 2017/2018 World ARC. I totally fell in love with the boat. With it's ease of handling, layout and construction. I joined he and his family in several passages around the globe. The two things I would change are, a larger solar panel array and a solar powered vent fan over the heads. He has a Hydrowatt generator and solar panels wasn't enough to keep the batteries up for navigation and autopilot. The solar powered vent for the Head is self explanatory.
  13. It takes 6/10 of an amp at 1 volt through the heart to kill a human. There is about a one square foot area in the middle of the chest that if it is hit by a taser / stun gun, you can stop the heart. Just some electrical facts. I know F--k off newbie !!
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