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  1. Ajax, just catching up to your stories here. I am green with envy, what an awesome trip. -m
  2. ...hell a nearly free j/30 would work too yeah...um...no. I have a personal problem with those boats. now an O30....different story..... -M
  3. Across from my slip are several boats just like this, sadly they are boats worth saving, but with shredded canvas flapping in the wind and running rigging rotting into clumps of slime. They include 2 J 30s, an Aphrodite 101', an Olson 30, and Baba 30. Most of their scuppers are clogged so the decks look llike a swamp. I am waiting for the dock lines to rot away and have them end up drifting loose in a winter storm, bull in a china shop style. What I do not get is the morrage at the marina is not cheep, at least 2 of the boats are owned be sailors who have had major health issues but can not pa
  4. wants to go sailing.

  5. Dan's right. Open the blisters right after hauling, wash them, and let them dry all winter. Even if it's cold, water will sublimate off. And winter is typically very dry, so it will help the sublimation process. -M
  6. sorry, I only have the energy to catch up with this freight-train-of-a-thread once a week or so, and didn't realize we were onto other topics already. put another way, oh the fuck well! I cannot be certain, but the picture on your blog of Weird-Ho retriving the figure head seems to show white-ish colored lines for the side-stays. Hard to see if there is a lower-bob-stay attached to that mess, maybe that think that looks to be covered in seaweed/moss/shit. Dunno. But as an example, Skene's shows an example bobstay arrangement much like Anne's, and if the angles are anywhere clo
  7. From that view, it looks like the bobstay and side-stays are made from three-strand rope. Am I the only one who sees that? If so, they would stretch under load, and put the bowsprit under a large bending load, which it likely wasn't designed to take. My ancient copy of Skene's elements of yacht design talks about keeping all kinds of spars in pure compression as best as possible to avoid bending and buckling. (like aluminum spinnaker poles - Bridles keep the load in compression; threfore no bending) -M
  8. This thread is out of control. The last time I had the stamina to catch up was back on page 12. Shit, that took all afternoon and it was only a week or so ago! How on earth could I read another ~20 pages and still hold down a job? Could someone please provide a concise summary of the action in the last two or three weeks. The last great revolation I read was that Ried's ex got on the forum and spilled some dirt. -M
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