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  1. My eyes!!! Jeez, someone had to draw that and say, "that looks good".
  2. I might as well wade into this thread since it's a subject close to my heart. I'm a sailor and yacht designer and have been considering the sail or powerboat conundrum for as long as I've had to motor my 5kt $hitbox back to port on a windless/blowing stink/cold/rainy/dark/hot/day/night. Still love sailing, but if I want to get somewhere comfortably, it'll be on a powerboat. In the last few years, I started thinking of a smaller powerboat- a day or weekend boat. A boat that could be trailered and stored for the winter, like our 26' sailboat. So she needed to be relatively lightweight,
  3. Nevertheless, water jets are too inefficient for electric propulsion in this case. I'm assuming they're meant to be pod motors w props at the bottom of the aft foils. Details TBD. Don't hit anything. Don't run at night in the PNW.
  4. Then the whole jet drives would be submerged? Can't picture how that works without massive drag
  5. Nobody's mentioned it so far, but the start has been the decider. Spithill has been dialed in for the most part, and passing the leader is tough.
  6. Ah yes...Raleigh-Durham; " Halfway between the mountains and the sea!", or as many say; "the middle of nowhere". We tried sailing Kerr Lake for a year, and then moved the boat to Wrightsville Beach.
  7. I've been launching a 5,000 lb boat and trailer for years with 2WD vehicles, including a 6 cyl Explorer, and a 8 cyl Tundra pickup. A lot depends on the ramp pitch and condition. Low tide with a slimy ramp can get hairy, but with a few crew bouncing on the hitch, she'll come out fine.
  8. Like the S2 7.9, it was designed by Graham & Schlageter for S2 Yachts. The 27 was an entirely new design. The S2 27 has a lot of MORC and 7.9 influence in her hull lines, but with a more freeboard and cruiser intended interior and deck layout. The S2 27 was introduced towards the end of sailboat production at S2, so not a lot of them were built. Very well built and has nice racer/cruiser possibilities though. Good luck!
  9. This is a good thing, done by a such good company.
  10. ProaSailor, thanks for pointing out the erroneous URL. That link has since been fixed; http://www.siewertdesign.com/Portfolio/Production_Boat_Designs/tombolo_28.html
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