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  1. Hey thanks for the responses everyone. Keto diet would be something, but I came out of the womb at 11+ lbs and never have been below 240 since 18. I own a star and often let go of the helm to win the large fleet we have here in olympia. I have sailed a finn and had fun but` want a asym to skirt down wind with, so I guess a Evo is gonna be my jam. I just wish the had a rig a bit bigger then their A . Would love to find one around in the NW to give a go on and see if its a fit.
  2. Thanks for the reply. I have sailed on a finn some and i have a nacra 5.8 and have experience getting them both back over. I coach dinghy sailors and want a boat I can go out nad have fun with the kids and the evo looks like a fun choice to try out. Pricey but us big dudes have to pay to play.
  3. Hey anarchy dinghies! I am 6’2” and 280 what in the world is out there that will support a big dude wanting to go fast in a small boat? Will I have to build my own or is there a dinghy with an A sym that I can power up with my size and rip around a mix fleet course?
  4. I am a big dude, 275 6’2”, and I am trying to find a way on to a single handed dinghy with a A sym. Is the evo with a A main to little for me to have fun on and race in a mixed dinghy fleet and if so does anyone have a suggestion for a guy my size?
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