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  1. Newbie goes north around Pt Conception with a jib, motor, blown-out main, lucky off shore winds, then lends the 'devil' a hand with Stratus, gets his hands on Hydroptere and a big Mod and will probably end up in Port Townsend. This kid has some sand!
  2. I'm visiting family in San Diego early next week and would like to take them sailing. Any SD bay rental recommendations? Thanks
  3. https://www.youtube.com/user/doggerboy1 Never said it was for everyone, but this bike's gone anywhere a diamond frame road bike could go!
  4. No periscope, no pit crew and I built it for $1350 and it's covered over 54,000 road miles. Front wheel drive, mono-couque shell, 48 speeds and weighs 47lbs. I've done it for many years.
  5. Amen! For over eighty years the people pulling the strings wanted bike racing to be about individual physical prowess by limiting bike designs so that there is a constant baseline to measure that prowess against. A fella in France, a long time ago, stirred the bike racing pot with the first recumbent and pissed a lot of people off. Check out the Mochet recumbent. I still like riding my traditional road bike and I don't buy into trying to make them faster thru aerodynamics. It's like trying to polish a turd. If I want to go far and fast I ride my streetliner! It's the foiler of
  6. When that type of construction is done right, it makes a fine boat.
  7. Rosinante/Pipeline might be available to purchase at this time, if someone was interested, cuz the delivery captain dropped the stick one day out of Hawaii on her way to the PNW! She's headed back to Hawaii as we speak.
  8. Sorry to hear this. You have put so much hard work into Ravenswing and had more than your share of new boat 'shakedown' issues. Sending you all the best!
  9. I'm almost ready to splash and would like to bring my tri down and buddy sail with you. How wide is the boat ramp? Do they have a guest dock available? Mine doesn't set up as fast as yours, so I'm gonna want to sail more than one day after getting her rigged.
  10. I knew I was in the weeds as soon as I wrote it but didn't know another way to say it. I like to get the point across with as few words as possible.... ah jeez, i can't help myself....
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