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  1. I repaired the corroded mast base on my Albin Vega and documented it in a blog post: https://americanvagrant.com/sailboat-mast-base-repair/
  2. True, this is censorship. True, censorship works both ways. Neither is a bad thing in this context, in my opinion. No Twitter account required. Click the link and they're all there.
  3. Thank you for this response, I must have missed it previously. This is some very great, practical information that I will no doubt put to use After much reflection about my return journey, I believe I will be sailing to Hawaii and leave it there to sell rather than bringing home to Los Angeles, due to the length of that leg. So I'll need to try and find moorage and a broker, preferably in Honolulu for ease of flight access. I didn't mention it earlier, but the vessel is a Hallberg-Rassy 33 Mistral with a 5 foot draft. It looks like Kewalo runs over $800/month for a 40' slip. Yikes!
  4. Lucky for us Trump is incredibly incompetent, because although the narrative may eventually change to "he was just fundraising" there is no doubt in my mind that he absolutely would have carried out a coup had there been more complacency where it mattered. It was terrifying and heartbreaking to see the president announce in the dead of night his intentions to overthrow the democratic process to a cheering room, but equally inspiring to hear Biden state confidently that "nobody can take our democracy from us." It was affirmation that actual leadership knew what was going on and that the cl
  5. We fucking did it boys. Our democratic system was tested and has thus far successfully resisted an authoritarian power grab. Today we can be proud
  6. It sounds like you're saying that police kill black people because they are investigating them for killing other black people...? Are you suggesting that the best way to solve a bad thing is to stop looking at it? I apologize if not, the point being made isn't clear to me. At any rate, I am most definitely an advocate for programs that attempt to address poverty [and the accompanying afflictions].
  7. Considering the comment was about relative inequality, this may be a more helpful graphic:
  8. Indeed, and I think they should get more - enough to offset the cost to attend either fully or down to a couple thousand per year. My cost of attending UCSD was about $30k/year which is a substantial debt burden to take on at any age, let alone late teens/early 20's.
  9. No I did not say that or even allude to it. Your second point is exactly what I mean, it's not possible to have a conversation about this without red herrings thrown about. EDIT** Something tells me you're really going to not understand what I'm getting at so let me clarify it for you: There is a very simple mechanism for why a group should be outlawed: They provoked a war/rebellion which directly implicated the United States and led to loss of life and expenditure of wealth and resources. My opinion is irrelevant, all we need to agree on is 1. These wars and their r
  10. Yes Germany still has neo-nazis and that is not an argument for anything. Yes I am aware that the ACLU defended the Nazis in 1978 and that also is not an argument for anything. No I'm not saying free speech is the only speech I agree with.
  11. State and local colleges/universities ought to be free or more heavily subsidized, and yes I'd be willing to pay with my own tax dollars. Investing in education would eventually allow us as a country to move on from topics which should have long been settled, towards things which pose a more significant existential threat. I also believe we should follow the lead of Europe and criminalize promotion of groups which again, pose an existential threat to our nation. For example, in Germany you're not allowed to be a Nazi (and it's been quite effective at keeping those beliefs from normalizing
  12. Election procedures are set on a state-by-state (and county-by-county) basis. The state legislatures in PA, GA and AZ (and WI + MI) all lean Republican. If there are issues with the "lax practices" they ought be taken up with them. The reason we leave it up to state and local jurisdictions is because if a tyrant gets into power, they can manipulate the vote using their executive powers, exactly what we're seeing this administration attempt to do right now. The system works and those with a voice must stop promoting so much doubt because some people are too stupid, misinformed or willfully
  13. I really enjoyed my time at Marina Village due to it's Mission Bay access, but if sailing in protected waters is your intention then it's not a good option as most sailboats will not fit under the bridges. I was contended to rip around in the dinghy
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