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  1. Who's still on here from the fleet??? Tentative race schedule pending we have a season? I'm shooting to do about half of the Thursdays at PYC, Interclub, Downeast Challenge, Bluewater, and AIR with the new/old boat.
  2. Has anyone bought one of these? A lot cheaper than other's and sounds good on paper, but do they work as intended?? http://Www.Naviom.com
  3. Headed to the San Francisco area the week of February 16th. Any racing going on in the area I could jump in on?
  4. Old School is junk! Don't waste your time looking at it.
  5. I understand that most if not all of these Carroll Marine built boats had problems with skin and keel/rib issues in the bow. Nearly 20 years after being built and most owners having addressed these issues; how are they holding up? Are they still having structural issues after repair/upgrades? Any other common build issues develop? Looking at Old School.......
  6. AIR is one of my favorites every year and would love to see it become scored in GMORA. Where else can you find 40+ boats starting downwind in planning conditions? Also, if anyone is looking to purchase a Lindenberg 28 please contact me off list. pociag_chirurg@yahoo.com
  7. Nice ! Does this mean that 25% of all L-28s are now in Maine? I can appreciate the name too. Where will you keep your penny? Yep, 3 of the 12 will now be in the GMORA fleet and a 4th is also owned by another MMA Grad in VA. The plan is to keep the boat in Falmouth once the summer comes. Their should be a good class C this year with the 3 L28's and Seven all rating 114.
  8. It looks like two crews in the fleet will be switching boats this summer as Maine Maritime Academy has sold/traded Sheerness for Revo 9.
  9. Any truth about their being a new Revo 10 this year?
  10. hey guys, we are having a cookout for Coach Minson at the MMA waterfront this Wed 5pm. Call me if you can make it. 207 570 2516.
  11. As many of you know, Butch has been the sailing coach for Maine Maritime Academy for the past 12 years sailing on Madcap and later Sheerness and will be leaving this spring. In appreciation of everything he has done, the students are putting together a scrapbook for him and asked me to forward this to those who sail against him during the summer in GMORA for their input. Wedgie "It’s Finally Happening! As many of you know Butch Minson is retiring at the end of this spring. As a retirement gift we are putting together a scrapbook for him and We need your help! We
  12. hum, I seem to think so........ As I remember we crossed the line, jib down, food on deck, J-35 sailing by to weather........
  13. I would like to see the classes changed to A 0-64, B 65-99, C 100-140 and D 141-up for this year and possibly changing the break between A-B to 59 next year depending on what new boats join the fleet. I know their would be some opposed to this, but it would break the fleet up more evenly and reduce the rating spread in A.
  14. Sheerness will make the long trip to Camden. A Lindenberg might also make an apearence depending on the forcast. For Reggie, another long time lerker comes out........
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