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  1. The effectiveness of climate conferences on reducing atmospheric CO2 levels.
  2. I stand corrected. What does this have to do with abortion?
  3. No it doesn't. The Constitution prevents the US Federal Government from passing bills of attainder. The states have their own laws prohibiting such.
  4. The US Constitution was not written to limit the ordinary operation of state government. The Bill of Rights was not intended, when written, to apply to state action. New York didn't go to the Constitutional convention because it thought there was a danger of the New York government violating the rights of New York citizens. Restrictions and safeguards were put on the federal government, not the states.
  5. What government are you talking about? The federal government has no power to regulate abortion unless abortion is related to interstate commerce.
  6. You believe the puppy killer over Paul? No more need be said.
  7. Nothing to be embarrased about now. Especially that town hall performance.
  8. Seems like his handlers are setting him up to fail. What was he doing there? That was one of his questions.
  9. You decided to make the judgment about a particular sex and race. Are you saying that you are racist, but not as racist as some other people?
  10. In comparison to your view of Hispanic men, what races do you find to be less smart, work not as hard, and are not saving their money?
  11. Why did Biden do that townhall with Anderson cooper? Are the Dems trying to punt him?
  12. Like it or not, there is a direct correlatoin between fossil fuel use and human flourishing. Increase fossil fuel use, more humans will flourish. Decrease it, more will suffer and die.
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