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  1. https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/north/new-zealand-yacht-cambridge-bay-nunavut-1.5698347 in short: Peter and Kiwi Roa are on a record run through the NW Passage despite a ban by the CGC / TC i just hope they don't make an example of him for all the other American Idiots defying Canadian Covid restrictions.
  2. i learned about engines what i needed for the the boat. my interest into the boat engine goes as far as having a fallback for when i can not use sails (entering harbors mostly) and not a single inch further. dinghy sailing has risen in my appreciation greatly exactly for not having to worry about a smelly always broken piece of ballast.
  3. wait, you could not make the canal leg? doh..
  4. iirc Kim fixed a mishap on FL with Carbon. i haven't heared any reports of FL shattering yet. check the New Project thread for pictures of the build, this is composite construction where one component was replaced with CF due to CF having superior qualities in what that component is responsible for in the composition. jfc, people.
  5. once in a while you have to watch one to remember why you don't usualy.
  6. that right there is what it is all about. glad to hear Dave!
  7. i have always associated both with racing, never with cruising. YMMV....
  8. it's Australia, they only need a bigger knife. source: have watched Crocodile Dundee and Crocodile Dundee 2
  9. when we grew up striving to become movie stars, astronauts or tennis pros, our parents said the same.
  10. it's an elaborate setup to flush unexpecting lobster into that blue contraption.
  11. so the Hoyt Jibboom is not really a Jibboom but a Jib Vang
  12. "Of all the races in the Galaxy, only the English could possibly revive the memory of the most horrific wars ever to sunder the Universe and transform it into what I'm afraid is generally regarded as an incomprehensibly dull and pointless game." Douglas Adams
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