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  1. https://sailtraininginternational.org/vessel/sorlandet/ I did 2 months on this ship some 40 years ago. This web site has a lot of other ships too.
  2. This one is a beauty, at a bargain price. https://sfbay.craigslist.org/pen/boa/d/south-san-francisco-1971-columbia-34/7327489736.html
  3. I agree reducing hydrocarbon dependence is going to be a huge challenge, but given the the immense long-term costs and threats to human survival, it is something we need to strive for. You have to start somewhere. The next biggest target is the petroleum businesses who have been lying to the world for 80 years about its impact on the earth. We should help them pivot to renewable resources but a lot people will see that as a big rich person/corporate buy off. I personally have not sacrificed any convenience with my EV switch, in fact it has improved the quality of my life. I have been trying
  4. Lots of EV charging stations between Outer banks and Hilton Head. Food for thought. We need to sever our hydrocarbon dependence, the sooner the better. I am exclusively EV now. PGE gives me money each year, I get a break on taxes, and I can drive in the Carpool lane. Really no maintenance accept tires and wipers. It has an insane amount of torque, and cheap to lease. If you are a two car family living in a reasonable suburban /urban area there are really few good reasons not to lease or own one now.
  5. I use the Harken reflex for bottom up and top down furling. I single hand mostly without an auto pilot just a tiller clutch. It works perfect for the code sail as the bottom up is bomber. top down is a bit more tricky. When using an A2 asym you have follow a specific set of steps and it rolls up quickly and relatively easily. It will not roll super tight so you want to take it down and stow it if you will be sailing more for any length of time. if you do not do the steps right and do not keep some tension on the sheet as you roll top down, the furl can get messed up. In that case, if yo
  6. My ULDB is 54.2 and designed for 1,000#s of crew weight: For single handing I added 250# of ballast on the center line between the mast base and keel front. I think it helps to give her a bit more punch through the SF Bay chop and a bit more forgiving in the helm. It maybe makes her slightly "stiffer" in feel and I have not noticed a significant reduction in down wind speed. Her motion going to the windward seems to be a bit better as well. I take the ballast out during the winter light wind season.
  7. +1 on the Sunclouds, cheapish ($55), same lens as Smiths, different frames, they are owned by Smith. You don't cry when you scratch or lose them. https://www.suncloudoptics.com/en_US/search?q=polarized&search-button=&lang=en_US
  8. I did not know about the ad in Lat 38, that is taking it a bit too far IMO given existing racing rules and he is basically a pro with not a whole lot to gain by racing in the local PHRF leagues. I guess in for a penny, in for a pound, we all have our axes to grind, sorry you seemed to get caught up in it. I think the bay area needs an old person's (no one under 50) el toro season series, just for bragging rights you know.
  9. Every new piece of controversial technology needs a villain. Simply, Scott sees the potential of the technology and acknowledges there is a market that his business could benefit from. Shows off said technology in the best venue available to him at the time and you guys make him into the villain. I bet you shout at the kids in the neighborhood to get off your lawn. Eight Ball is, what it is, get over it.
  10. If I recall correctly a few hours after that Moore video was taken, they were demasted and picked up by the coast guard. They later went out and recovered the Moore and towed it back to Morro Bay.
  11. Reducing weight aloft is always good. I am unsure of weight difference but I would assume it would be significant enough to notice. I really notice it on my 29 footer.
  12. https://www.latitude38.com/lectronic/2021/03/22/#chris-welsh-adventurer-passes
  13. Does anybody know a good marine surveyor in New Mexico? https://sfbay.craigslist.org/eby/boa/d/orinda-steel-sailboat-under-construction/7288939432.html
  14. Note on Bay Area traffic: working from home, tech bro exodus, and pandemic have made getting around the bay area reasonable again. How are you enjoying your Austin move now? boys! I am sure summer will be pleasant and awesome.
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