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  1. https://www.catsailingnews.com/2020/07/35351.html Who can say more about working ? Rudder System, Main sheet, foils...
  2. Thanks for your attention Lars Schrøder but you gave the advice to check the weather forecast and i just wanted to give him also a valuable input
  3. Dear Bernd, what about you ask your questions also at the german forum? http://vdac.okbb.de/portal.php Then you can get personal appreciation and information from members which you can also call. Makes more fun than surfing in the anonymity. And with your financial possibilities, everybody would buy a second f1x as a spare boat in case of damage which could mean loosing months of the season
  4. Hey Bernd, couldn’t you pay a pro a-class sailor for coaching from your petty cash? That would help you the most...
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