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  1. Don't listen to them. Get an orbital sander, but wear a mast for heaven's sake. That antifoul is full of heaving metal. You will have to use a sanding board when it gets time to fair the hull. If you can, do it upsidedown.
  2. This could be from left field, but have you thought of synthetic rigging? You would need to rethink you terminations, but dyneema dux, is just single braid: very secure and easy to splice. If you get it covered it would last for years - quite indestructible.
  3. My standing rigging is fully plastic and installed DIY. Why do you want to label each rope? That rigging that terminates above your head can be rigged before the masts go up, for the rest, just look up to find out which one is which. Am I missing something here?
  4. Yep. we had and have flares because it was/is all we got. If a ship was in distress, they would have made a fire on board to attract help. Afterwards we got flares, and now we have electronics. The more the merrier. The problem is that the flares go out of date too fast, and they are a waste of materials and energy when replaced. Governing bodies should require manufacturers to provide flares that take 10 years to need replacement, not three. Because governments don't make this mandatory, we the poor boaties pay instead.
  5. I did this some 5 or 6 years ago. Replaced everything SS with Dyneema. Weight savings are very good - (you can do the calculations) I love the stuff. there are further considerations though: You need to think about how your synthetic rigging will be terminated at each end. Will it be spliced with Deadeyes or turnbuckles? You are going to need custom hardware unless you go proprietary and expensive. Are your shrouds continuous or discontinuous? What about the spreader ends? Do you have a furler for you headsail, or is it hanked? If furler, then headstay should stay SS. If not then y
  6. I got rid of all my stainless steel standing rigging and replaced it some 5 years ago. I used Dynex Dux [autoclaved dyneema]as it was called back in those days. I replaced over 50 kg of hardware and wire for about 10 kg of plastic rope and hardware to connect it up. Excellent move - dependable (what you see is what you get), cheaper in the long run. No problems with insurance, and super strong. Took me a while to realise that my 60 ft wooden mast would expand in the heat, but the rope rigging did not. It is best to set the rigging up in the cold. This way, as the day heats up the ri
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